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5 Warning Signs of Hidden Diseases That Are Written on Your Face

Sometimes the signs we ignore or fail to perceive are those that could’ve helped us prevent more serious health problems.

Today, I’ll help you read the signs of disease on your face so that you can easily understand if there’s something going wrong within, and how to act. You can extend the knowledge and distinguish these marks on other people’s complexions, as well.

5 Warning Signs of Hidden Diseases That Are Written on Your Face

1. Yellowish Marks on the Eyelids


They are usually related to high cholesterol levels.

Also, the white spots under your eyes indicate an increased amount of fats in your upper body (from the stomach upward). 

Consider switching your diet towards a greener approach.

Slowly, but surely, your cholesterol levels will diminish as you manage to change your eating habits.

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2. Eye Bags


The eye bags are the international symbol of stress and mental overload.

However, if you have additional symptoms such as nasal irritation, red skin or itches, and puffiness, the bags under your eyes are most likely caused by an allergy.

Have yourself checked and see what’s the real cause behind your condition.

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3. Inconstant Color of Complexion

signsWhile yellowish skin is clearly a sign of liver malfunctionblushed lips can suggest heart or lung diseases.

Nonetheless, a discolored tone means that there are too many toxins gathered in your body, and you need to flush them out.

To do that, drink more water, green tea or aloe juice every day, and limit the exposure to noxious factors when you can.

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4. Excess Facial Hair


Facial hair in women points to a possible polycystic ovary syndrome.

It is a hormonal imbalance, where the testosterone levels are too high, the estrogen too low.

Extreme and rare cases lead to infertility.

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5. Facial asymmetry

signsWe’re not talking about the normal differences between one side of the body and the other, but about different reactions.

For instance, if you’re trying to smile, but only one side of the face fully reacts, while the other feels numb, you’ve probably had a stroke.

Also, having trouble speaking or feeling numbness in one side of the body pinpoints the same problem.

If you or a dear one show any of these signs, take a deeper look and correlate the info you just read with the person’s lifestyle.

What is most likely to have caused these imbalances?

Have you noticed any similar signs on your face?

Tell me your thoughts in the comment section below.

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To your health!

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