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The Truth Behind The Word-Antioxidants

Today I will offer you the solution to combat the negative effects of Oxidative Free Radicals.

The answer is quite simple, Antioxidants.

I know you’ve seen this word around but besides the fact that they help you have a better health; how well do you understand or how much information do you have about Antioxidants?

The Benefits of Antioxidants

First, you may know or at least heard that Antioxidants bring these benefits:

  • Support kidney function
  • Maintain good dental health
  • Improve reproductive functions
  • Improve nervous system functioning
  • Have an anti-aging effect
  • Protect the liver
  • Support and improve the body’s immune system
  • Reduce obesity
  • Offer protection against digestive disorders
  • Maintain a healthy vision
  • Improve the quality of sleep
  • Support the respiratory system

How are they capable of doing that?

Antioxidants are molecules that donate, essentially self-sacrificing themselves, an electron to a Free Radical to help it stabilize, thus inhibiting the process of Oxidation.


The term ‘Antioxidant‘ is used in the chemical industry for the substance that is added to products to prevent oxidation (spoiling).

The other meaning is utilized for the natural chemicals that are found in foods and body tissue, which are beneficial to your health.

Therefore, you can benefit from Antioxidant potential is by consuming a lot of fruits and vegetables.

So, how can you rip the health benefits of Antioxidants?

First, you must understand that you need to consume a various combination of them to see results.

An individual should eat at least seven different types of fruits or vegetables per day to incorporate them properly.

Certainly, this sounds pretty vague and not helpful, and you might already think that you eat veggies and fruits so this doesn’t shed any particular revelatory light on the matter at hand.

Don’t worry; I will give you a tip on how to find the best high-antioxidant count fruits and vegetables that you want!

The secret lies in the ORAC Scale (a chart that gives you the antioxidant value of every food).

Scientists have developed and keep searching for the antioxidant value of different foods so that you can rip their benefits.

While they measure the values in a laboratory, you can do it more easily by picking at the grocery store the most colorful fruit or veggie that you can find. That one is sure to have many beneficial properties. Why do you think kale and eggplants are so nutritiously yummy?

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But, scratch that, I want to give you the top foods that you can get from the store as quick as possible and add them to your meals.

Based on the ORAC Scale, I selected the easiest to find, affordable, and rich Antioxidant foods that you can acquire.

Top 20 Must-Have Ingredients

1. Oregano Spice, Dried

2. Rosemary Spice, Dried

3. Peppermint Leaves, Dried

4. Cinnamon Spice, Ground

5. Turmeric Spice, Ground

6. Parsley Spice, Dried

7. Basil Spice, Dried

8. Ginger Spice, Ground

9. Black Raspberries, Raw

10. Jalapeno Peppers, Dried

11. Plums, Raw

12. Red Raspberries, Raw

13. Red Delicious Apples with Skin, Raw

14. Sweet Cherries, Raw

15. Red Cabbage (Purple), Boiled

16. Broccoli Rabe, Raw

17. Corn Flakes Cereal

18. Plain Instant Oatmeal, Fortified, Dry

19. Black Beans, Boiled

20. Sweet Potato, Baked in Skin

As you can see, the highest foods on the ORAC Scale are mostly spices.

Therefore, you can easily incorporate them into your meals or infuse them in teas.

Now, you have no excuse for using them and achieving the goal of better health!

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I am very curious if I managed to shed light on some of your confusion that you might’ve had.

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