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I had a very inspiring conversation with a close friend of mine about perception. I want to share some of our insights with you. 

We were sitting at the kitchen table, and we were reminiscing about past traumatic events.

We both had difficult upbringings and lost precious people, but despite all of these drawbacks, we raised above all odds and expectations. If we are so successful, why can’t other people be like us?

We had a long debate over the answer to that question. After a while, we suddenly realized that it all came down to one simple thing – perception.

Why is that important?

Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you had a rough day and you go to the grocery store before arriving home to unwind. However, there is a huge line, and the cashier seems to be a bit slow.

Your first instinct is to get annoyed and blame the inefficiency of that person.

The next reaction is that you start being angry on the customers in front of you that have bought too many groceries and are now lagging the line.

The last thing you do is to get mad at yourself for choosing this market in the first place.

By the time you reach the clerk you are so negative and troubled that you might even say something bad to him.

When you finally arrive home, you feel so tired and irritated that you just want to be left alone.

Don’t feel too bad, even the best of us have those days.

However, let’s rewind and see how you could have approached this situation differently.

Instead of getting annoyed by the slow cashier, you could’ve done some balance exercising or think of what you could do at home to enhance your feelings of calmness and relaxation.

Instead of getting angry at the people in front of your line, you could have planned your meals for tomorrow.

Instead of blaming yourself for choosing this market, you could have simply remarked that next time you might pick another one and debate in your head which one could be more convenient and fast.

The end goal of this is to shift your thinking.

Don’t take everything that happens to you so personally.

The cashier might be new, or the registry has been busy for many hours, and he or she is tired and can’t work as fast anymore.

Just because the outside world is not the way you’ve expected it to be, that does not mean it has to impair the way you feel.

Detaching yourself from illusory wishes and staying connected with reality is your best bet to assess everything in the right parameters and make the right decision.

Achieve mental clarity through a correct perception of reality.

This is the first step in achieving what you want. A correct perception of reality will be your strongest mental tool when dealing with every issue in your life.

If your health is not perfect, that doesn’t have to bum you out. You don’t have to be sad or anxious and scared.

There is a natural solution for you, and that is change. By shifting your perception from the bad things to the good things, you will soon see a huge improvement in your life.

I have used this in my life intuitively and has brought me to you now.

I want to share this with you because although you might be aware of it, you might not be applying it correctly into your life.

Don’t focus on the negatives, be aware of them and accurately choose the best solution for yourself.

Be your perception master and stop debilitating yourself. You are capable of healing.

Keep this in mind and continue doing the steps mentioned above. It’s vital that you get used to them and apply them daily because the Nuclear Formula relies on you being consistent.

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