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3 Tips to Break the Insomniac Spell and Sleep like a Baby

Insomniac Spell
Insomniac Spell

Trouble sleeping?

I’ve had trouble sleeping for a couple of years (20 or so). At first, I thought it was post-traumatic stress, after having seen the terrors in the Vietnam War as a youngster.

But, time passed by and although I liberated myself from those memories that I had come to accept as part of my past, I still couldn’t manage to rest well.

Then I remembered that everybody has its own memory, and I realized that I had created a sleep pattern which went on even if I got rid of the former cause.

I turned to the books I had from my father and learned how I can get back on my feet.

There are two types of insomnia: either you can’t fall asleep at all or you wake up multiple times during your sleep.

Both of them leave you tired, sleepy during the day, and unable to focus properly.

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Here is how I managed to pull myself together and have restful sleep:

1. Taking Valerian Capsules

This is probably the most powerful of all three things I have changed in my sleeping routine. They contain only dried and powdered Valerian roots, which are used as a calming agent.

I used to take one pill half an hour before I wanted to go sleep. One week and a half was enough for me to reschedule my sleeping habits and stop waking up during the night.

In the first two days, I don’t recall dreaming anything and having the deepest sleep. Then, the pattern balanced out and I started falling asleep within a couple of minutes after lying in bed without taking the capsules.

I recommend trying it for a maximum of three weeks because the body will get used to it.

Also, do your best to go to sleep and wake up at the same hour every day, otherwise Valerian won’t help with normalizing your biorhythm.

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2. Sleeping in Complete Darkness

For many years I thought it was hard to completely block any source of light in the night.

Once I decided to do everything within my means to start sleeping again, I also found the solution – I fully covered the windows and I also gave up the dim light I used to keep near my bed.

Soon enough, I found it easier to fall asleep, as my body was ready, as well.

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3. Breathing Slowly

This trick helped me slow down my metabolic processes, which is exactly what happens during sleep.

In plain English, I artificially induced on my body the feeling that should’ve naturally occurred when the night came.

In one week and a half, I was sleeping like a baby again. Needless to say that I had previously taken care of all the stressors in my life.

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There are many thoughts that can give you a hard time, and they all turn up when your mind is no longer busy with anything else.

Follow these simple steps, while also trying to relieve and relax.

Whatever worry that doesn’t let you sleep at night, you’ll become less and less able to take care of it if you don’t put it on the shelf and take care of it in the morning.

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What do you do for a restful sleep?

Tell me all about it in the comments below.

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