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5 Dangerous Habits that Ruin Your Eye’s Health

Are you trying to keep your vision in tip top shape? Do you know that the most common things we do on a daily basis can seriously damage our eyes? Here are a few examples: 1. Are your blinkers on? I know how busy you must be in your day to day activities, but don’t forget to blink your eyes. You see, when you blink, your eyes get “cleaned”. Basically, a layer of tears swipe away all dirt and dead cells. In addition, this process keeps your eyes moisturized, protecting them against dry-eye syndrome. This is a serious condition that


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Eye Health – 7 Tips to Naturally Sharpen Your Eyesight

Ditch your glasses and naturally sharpen your eyesight with easy, free, and effective tricks. Eye health does not necessarily require creams, pills or gimmicks. A patient asked me recently how come I don’t need glasses at my age. I replied without thinking: ‘Eye rolling.’ I know what you’re thinking, but of course, I didn’t mean this kind of eye rolling -> Just like your mind and muscles, your eyes need exercise, too. Especially if you focus a lot on something like: Knitting Drawing Writing Reading a book Watching the screen for hours… All of these and other similar activities cause eye-strain, which in time can trigger blurry vision and even eyesight