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Aloe Vera – Heal Your Body Internally and Externally With This Ancient Plant

Aloe Vera is one of the most known healing herbs of all times. Mentioned in the Bible, in the Egyptian papyruses or on the clay Sumerian tablets, this cure has been around for more than 4 millennia. Thankfully, recent scientific research has showed that Aloe Vera should indeed be praised.  Internal Uses of Aloe Vera Strengthens Your Immunity Response Research conducted in a South Korean hospital proved that the bitter substances in Aloe Vera improve your immunity overall. To be more precise, when administered internally, this plant helps increase the production of immune cells. And makes them all the more


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Purslane Health Benefits – Medicinal Power Behind Common Grass

Considered to be nothing more than a simple weed, portulaca oleracea actually uncovers some impressive properties. Don’t worry, I’m not actually talking about some exotic herb. The common name of the healing plant whose benefits I’ll reveal to you today is called purslane. And you can even find it in your own back yard. That’s right. Everyone has heard about purslane. But not everyone knows that they could benefit from its truly astonishing properties. Used consistently, this plant can successfully replace any expensive drugs and supplements. Purslane’s Health Benefits Safer Alternative for Your Omega-3 Supply For example, if you take


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Is there a connection between a Fungus Infection and Psoriasis?

 Is your fungus putting you at a higher risk of developing psoriasis? An increasingly worrying number of studies are beginning to reveal this shocking truth. Fungus not only… Causes brain fog and poor memory issues Drains you of your energy Causes you digestive problems Triggers rheumatoid arthritis Causes mood swings, anxiety, and depression Breeds severe seasonal allergies Generates strong sugar cravings … but it can unravel and impair your body’s ability to fight back against potentially FATAL disorders, including Psoriasis. The worst part about this disorder is that people with a rash or skin patch usually ignore this annoying condition, and


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Living With Psoriasis: How To Manage Your Condition

During the last couple of weeks I received a lot of requests regarding natural remedies for psoriasis, and because your well being is what interests me the most, here are a few tips on the subject: Use mild products for washing Avoid soaps of any kind, as they contain caustic soda that irritates the skin. Go for plant-based solutions that you can find in health shops, and which are friendly to your sensitive skin. Related: Natural Skin Care: A Healthier Alternative To Toxic, Commercial Products Use Aloe Vera Gel After getting out of the shower, pat your skin dry with the