The Ultimate Meal Plan for a Bulletproof Health

What meal plan do you follow? I want to help you become aware of how your body works and how can you keep yourself healthy for as much as possible. I’m glad every time I see people interested in their health and vitality, because it means that my goal in helping you lead a happy life is one step closer to be accomplished. The Health Boosting Meal Plan I’m going to share with you my personal meal plan that has helped me stay away from medication for quite a while now. Because we are all built in a similar way, the needs


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Fast & Easy Methods To Shake Your Meals Up

Have you ever wondered how it would be like to change the way you eat? Did it ever occur to you that you could replace meals with juices, smoothies or shakes? And no, that would not harm your body at all. They would just boost your metabolism and immunity because your body can break down the substances much faster when they are in liquid form. I have a challenge for you! What if instead of your regular meals, you would take my guidance for just one day and try these recipes that I’ve prepared for you. Breakfast Usually, you would have



Post Holiday Detox

Christmas is that precious time of the year when we let go of our worries. And of our clean diets. Nobody could really blame you. I mean, a simple glance at the Christmas dinner and your mouth starts to water… However, maybe you didn’t actually binge on food, but only abandoned the former plan you had before Christmas. Whatever you did, it no longer matters. If now you feel bloated or have any type of discomfort, you can get rid of these feelings in a couple of days, by following these tips below. Yes, it’s just that simple. Here is what


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Are Smoothies Really Healthy?

What do I think about smoothies and shakes?  The concept of a smoothie is a healthy one, but depending on the way you prepare it and the ingredients you add, you might end up with a food combination that doesn’t have a smart nutrients/ calories ratio. Related: Fast & Easy Methods To Shake Your Meals Up  Here are the three biggest mistakes that turn a healthy smoothie in an inefficient snack. 1. The smoothie contains only fruits. Unless you are preparing for heavy physical effort, don’t make a smoothie only with fruits. They are loaded with lots of sugar, and little fiber and carbs.