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Deeply Healing Foot Baths (The 5th soak is a real fungus killer)

Are you ready to be spoiled? Life will always be busy and hectic, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give yourself a break. It just takes a few minutes a day to improve your: Mood Energy levels Sleeping habits And that’s not all, you’ll also be reducing your pain and anxiety levels. How can you do that? With a simple, but effective foot bath. Soaking your feet in hot water for 15-20 minutes per day can do wonders for your overall health. And if you have issues with calluses, aches, and foot infections, then this is the natural remedy you’ve been


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Lavender – The Miraculous Herb With Curative Health Effects

Recently, I went to visit some of my acquaintances, and I noticed they had small bags containing lavender all around their house. I asked them why are they displaying lavender like this and they told me that they liked the smell and that they have a particular sensation of calmness being around them. And not for nothing. Studies showed that inhaling the smell of this herb has a sedative effect.  Nowadays, people widely cultivate lavender. And no wonder there is such a big hype about it. Besides its many curative properties, this aromatic herb can be administered in many ways: as


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Hidden Health Benefits of Cranberries You Should Know

The Super Fruits You’ve Been Looking For How can you know your cranberries are rich in antioxidants? If they float in water, that means they are better exposed to sunlight. This exposure increases their anthocyanin content, which gives the cranberries their unique anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. But cranberries are best known for protecting you against urinary tract infections. The phytonutrients they contain act as a barrier against the bacteria that affects the urinary tract. Related: Prevention vs Treatment – What You Might Not Know About UTIs And recent research has extended these benefits. The same chemical compounds have a similar effect on the stomach