Improve Mobility and Balance in Just 6 Minutes a Day

After a certain age, people are more prone to falling and injuries. That’s because mobility and balance naturally decline in time. But maintaining an active lifestyle can prevent and improve this issue. Exercise does not only stimulate your entire body to function at high capacity, but also boost your general mood and brain cognition. Did you know that every type of non-sedentary activity is crucial for your body’s well being? Not only that but exercise has been proven to make the brain release serotonin (the happy hormone).  Even the smallest actions, such as walking or strolling for one hour a day, or


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Foods That REALLY Balance Your Hormones

Are your hormones making you sick? Up until now you might have experienced an array of medical problems which you didn’t know were linked to your hormonal imbalance. For example: Too much cortisol causes your body weight to swing out of control. Excess testosterone in women can cause them patches of bald skin. Too much estrogen in men leads to erectile dysfunction. Thyroid, testosterone, cortisol, and growth hormone disorders cause sleep disorders. And unfortunately, these are only a few of the side effects that you might experience due to your hormonal imbalances. Truth of the matter is, after a certain