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Spirulina – One of the world’s first superfood

A Superfood You Should Know About

The potential of spirulina has been recognized since the Aztec’s times. But now there are scientific studies that attest to its incredible properties.

Don’t assume that just because spirulina is the algae that floats on top of ponds, it’s not abundant in nutrients. When grown and prepared correctly, it has an extraordinary health value.

Due to its high concentration of protein (50%-70% by weight), high antioxidant count and rich quantities of various vitamins and minerals – spirulina is the true definition of superfood.

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Fun Fact: NASA’s astronauts use it in their space missions, and even celebrities like Miranda Kerr (supermodel) rejoices in its nutrient resources.

Health Benefits of Spirulina

spirulinaThis amazing superfood:

  • Boosts your immunity.
  • Is a powerful detoxifier.
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Keeps your skin healthy.
  • Regulates blood pressure.
  • Lowers cholesterol.
  • Reduces blood sugar levels.
  • Fights liver diseases.
  • Preserves your bone health.

I know that it can seem a little far-fetched that just a simple “pond scum” could bring such amazing results. But you shouldn’t be surprised.

This apparently “insignificant” alga contains a variety of essential vitamins and minerals. For example, minerals such as phosphorous, magnesium, calcium, vitamin K, potassium, and even copper, iron, and manganese.

Also, it encompasses a variety of vitamins such as pantothenic acid (B5), as well as thiamin (B1), riboflavin (B2), and niacin (B3). Moreover, it’s one of the best sources of iodine and B12 Vitamin.

spirulinaYou can simply add one to two spoons of spirulina, either in a smoothie or integrate it into a dish of your choice. Do this daily for a couple of weeks and notice the results. I also advise you only to take spirulina from organic and trusted brands.

Remember that you are the sole master of your life and your choices reflect your health. Choose yourself every day and start adding this wonderful supplement.

To your health!

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