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Spinach Health Benefits and Effective Therapeutic Remedies

Three hundred grams of spinach can save your life.

This is the threshold from which these green, tasty leaves turn from food into medicine, while triggering intense healing processes in the body. So, Popeye was right.

Scientists began recognizing the healing properties of spinach at the beginning of the 20th century, when they discovered its richness in iron, magnesium, potassium and countless vitamins, like vitamin A, K and folate.

If you’re experiencing fatigue, loss of energy, rapid heartbeat, headaches, inability to concentrate, paleness, muscular cramps and insomnia, then chances are you’re suffering from anemia.

And this is not something you should take lightly. The World Health Organization warns that the iron deficiency now affects more people than any other disease. However, consuming spinach can help you combat anemia.

And I’ll tell you something which I’ve just recently found about: people weren’t actually aware of how beneficial spinach was for their health, until the 1920s, when cartoons with Popeye, the sailor man, ate spinach to gain strength. By the way, there’s actually a lot of truth to that.

Doctors at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden revealed that consumption of 10 oz. of spinach/day has impressive benefits:

  • improves cellular oxygenation (which is the transport of oxygen to cells, into tissues and the elimination of carbon dioxide) by about 5% (which helps combat free radicals causing most incurable diseases, like cancer, cataracts, cardiovascular diseases and the aging of all your body cells)
  • increases muscle strength and exercise resistance

What’s really interesting is that cellular oxygenation improves not after 3 seconds the time it took Popeye to become a superhero – but after 3 days, which is – nonetheless – a very fast effect for a 100% natural remedy.

But it’s other health properties are great. Let me tell you more about them:

Health Benefits of Spinach

Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases

The spinach leaves, both raw and boiled, are very rich in potassium and magnesium which naturally regulate blood pressure. Then the vitamins that the raw spinach contains help strengthen the walls of the blood vessels and prevent the occurrence of strokes. Spinach also helps keep cholesterol levels under control, thus preventing myocardial infarction.

The spinach effect on body weight reduction is also a key element in preventing and fighting heart disease. With very few calories, and being rich in dietary fiber and diuretic substances, the spinach – consumed mostly in cures – is an excellent aid in during the weight loss process.

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Destroys Cancer

There are no less than six antioxidant and anti-tumor substances in spinach leaves. The best way to take full advantage of these properties is to consume its raw leaves, which are very rich in minerals and minerals, trace elements, but also in vitamins and enzymes, which would otherwise degrade very easily when exposed to heat.

Physicians from the American Institute of Queensland noticed that people prone to various types of skin cancer have actually became immune to this disease, while on a spinach diet.

Also, in patients with intestine, gastric or breast cancer who have consumed spinach, researchers noticed that tumors had a slower growth rate, and even stop developing altogether. This is mainly due to vitamin B9, which has an anti-tumor effect so strong that it can actually stop the spread of cancer.

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Therapies with Spinach

Remedy for Bronchial Asthma and Diabetes

Drink 16 oz. of spinach juice in the morning, on an empty stomach. Drink this each morning for 30 days.

Remedy for Rickets

Drink half a liter of juice a day for 21 days – 15 minutes before the main meals. A stronger effect will be achieved if we combine 8 oz. of nettle juice with 9 oz. of spinach juice.

Contraindications: Large quantities of spinach are not recommended for people with liver disease, rheumatism, kidney stones, or intestinal inflammation.

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