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Impressive Health Benefits of Sage

One Of The Most Appreciated Plants In Traditional Medicine

sageSage is a miraculous herb and you will soon find out why. It is closely related to rosemary and they both share calming effects, such as pain relief and mental clarity.

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Sage is best known for its oils, which have antiseptic and antibacterial propertiesBecause they are plant-derived, the oils are easily absorbed into the body, and provide quick effects.

Moreover, they are one of the few natural preservatives that you can use in your kitchen.

Lesser-Known Health Benefits Of Sage

  • Improves brain health. Sage contains ketones (a special type of fat) that can be used by your brain if there are not enough carbs in your diet. Or if the brain can’t process them (like in Alzheimer’s patients). Ketones are directly absorbed by your brain, unlike all the other fatty acids, which go in the liver first. It boosts focus and improves your attention span and enhances your short-term memory.
  • Packs a generous nutritional luggage. Sage is an important source of fiber, which helps you maintain a proper digestion. Also, the quantity of B vitamins per 100g is above the minimum daily recommended dosage. Plus, it has great amounts of Vitamins A, C, and E. These vitamins have powerful antioxidant properties, protecting your cells against free radical damage that usually leads to cancer.
  • sageRemedy against depression, anxiety, and other similar issues. Sage tea has a positive affect on your mood. You can brew one a day if you’re feeling down, or sprinkle the ground leaves on one of your meals.

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If including it in your diet is not an option, you can try aromatherapy – just make sure you have some sage-scented candles nearby!

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