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Royal Jelly – This Food Turns Your Body into a Virus Killing Machine

If you want to protect yourself against viruses this season (and all through the year) then you might want to thank these little critters.

Bees give us more than just honey. They offer us an incredible healing gift – royal jelly.

This gelatinous substance is produced by honeybees and as food for the queen and her offspring.

You’ve probably never heard of royal jelly before, but in Asia, this miracle substance has been used to treat many ailments since ancient times.

And here is what it can do for you:

Health Benefits of Royal Jelly

Boosts Immunity

Studies done in Russia show the incredible implications of royal jelly for your health and its immunity-boosting effects.

Cancer, tumors, allergy, inflammation and autoimmune diseases are wiped out by the healing effects of royal jelly.

This substance stimulates the production of T-lymphocytes. They protect your system against viruses, cancer and inflammation.

Another immune-activating substance found in royal jelly is apalbumin. One study showed that it has anti-allergic effects.

So, if you want to get rid of fungus, bacteria or even virus infections, start consuming royal jelly daily.

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Promotes a Healthy Nervous System

The activating effects of royal jelly on the central nervous system and on the vegetative system has been studied by Russian scientists. What they have discovered is incredible, to say the least.

It seems that royal jelly helps neurogenesis (neuron regeneration) in rats by:

  • Increasing the amount of hippocampal neurons growth rate
  • Promoting the proliferation of hippocampal neurons
  • Reducing neural death

Therefore, scientists believe royal jelly is a promising agent against brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.1

But that’s not all royal jelly has to offer. If you want to read more about its broader healing potential, please write to me and I’ll come back with more information on it.

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Where can you get it?

This substance can be found in most natural-health stores or you can simply order them online. However, be careful, I’d rather get it from beekeepers since they most likely get the substance in its purest state.

The royal jelly you purchase should be whitish to yellow in color. Its smell is sour and pungent, the taste sour and sweet. As the jelly matures, it turns yellow in color and has a rancid taste.

Therefore, make sure you keep it in freezing conditions and don’t let it oxidize.

What are your thoughts on royal jelly?

Have you used it before?

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To your health!


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