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Living With Psoriasis: How To Manage Your Condition

During the last couple of weeks I received a lot of requests regarding natural remedies for psoriasis, and because your well being is what interests me the most, here are a few tips on the subject:

Use mild products for washing

Avoid soaps of any kind, as they contain caustic soda that irritates the skin.

Go for plant-based solutions that you can find in health shops, and which are friendly to your sensitive skin.

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Use Aloe Vera Gel

After getting out of the shower, pat your skin dry with the towel, and then apply Aloe Vera gel.

You can either buy it (make sure it does not contain anything else besides Aloe plant, chamomile or similar plants) or make it yourself at home, from fresh leaves.

Even if it might feel sticky for up to an hour, let your skin absorb it all.

Aloe has healing properties, and it also hydrates the affected area.

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Increase your Omega-3 intake

This way, you will ensure a proper lubrication of the skin.

Which is just as important as hydration, because dry skin in the context of psoriasis will cause you itchiness, rashes, and discomfort.

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Wear clothes made of natural fabric

Even if they might be a bit more expensive, keep in mind that your health is at risk.

Never wear synthetic clothes, because they will irritate your skin even more.

Go for loose, cotton clothes, and be really careful when choosing the detergent and the balsam (no fragrance, suitable for sensitive skin).

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Release the stress

Psoriasis is an auto-immune condition, and stress is known to affect the immunity very brutally.

Things might not always turn out the way you wanted them to or maybe you find yourself in a tough period of your life.

The favor I’m asking you not to stop worrying in this very second, as if you had some switch that turns stress ON or OFF, but to promise me you’ll take at least 20 minutes a day to take your mind off all your worries.

Do something that you enjoy – read, listen to music, take a walk in the park – something just for yourself.

Do it every day, and I guarantee you that as your mood improves, so will the symptoms associated to your condition.

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Dealing with psoriasis is not an easy job and these are only the headlines of what you can do in order to alleviate the symptoms.

Until next time, take care of your body, and you will help it take care of you!

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