Post Holiday Detox

Christmas is that precious time of the year when we let go of our worries. And of our clean diets.

Nobody could really blame you. I mean, a simple glance at the Christmas dinner and your mouth starts to water…

However, maybe you didn’t actually binge on food, but only abandoned the former plan you had before Christmas.

Whatever you did, it no longer matters.

If now you feel bloated or have any type of discomfort, you can get rid of these feelings in a couple of days, by following these tips below.

Yes, it’s just that simple.

Here is what you have to benefit from a great post holiday detox.

1. Cut low on meat. 

The typical diet for the last couple of weeks contains a whole lot more meat than what we’re used to eating. Let your body regain its strength by consuming less of it in the following days (or none at all).

2. Load up on veggies. 

Salads in particular will prove very helpful these days. Even if it’s a bit harder to find fresh vegetables in the winter, look for:

  • Carrots
  • Peas
  • Broad beans
  • Perpetual spinach
  • Asparagus
  • Lettuce
  • Pak Choi

They can be harvested during the cold months, as well.

3. Hydrate yourself. 

I can never stress enough how important it is to keep your water intake high. During winter, people tend to drink less water, only because they don’t feel as thirsty as in the summer.

If you are among them, try to keep yourself hydrated with hot tea. Choose a variety you enjoy unsweetened, because if you add sugar, honey or replacements, then the drink will no longer hydrate you as much.

These three habits are held accountable for most of your wellbeing, and I advise you to consider them during the entire year, as well.

At the same time, let the feeling of guilt slip away, if the case. It never brings anything good, and will slow down the process.

Instead, be grateful for the moments that have passed, and focus on what’s to come.

I hope you had a lovely time with your dear ones during these holidays, and that you enjoyed every moment of them.

To your health!


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