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Simple, Yet Terribly Effective Breathing Techniques

I’m about to share with you will make your life incredible. Today you will learn how to use different types of breathing to your advantage. I know how much pressure society puts on you. It may feel sometimes that it’s just too much to handle or that there is so much weight on your shoulders that you just don’t know what to do… I know how it feels to have too much on your plate and not knowing how to deal with it. I lived through some grim moments when my dear wife Caroline was hospitalized and not getting any better.


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Anti-Allergy Beverages – Natural Remedies You Need

Summer comes and so do allergies. If you suffer from their attacks or if you know someone who does, I have prepared five delicious beverages that will help ease and prevent those pesky allergic reactions. In order to treat allergies, you need to consider adding natural antihistamine substances to your smoothie or juices: Vitamin C (oranges, lemons, kale, blackcurrants, cantaloupe, mango, cayenne pepper, green peas, tomatoes, kiwi, etc.) Flavonoids (oranges, tomatoes, green salad, parsley, etc.) Omega 3 (flax seeds, avocado, canola oil, etc.) The recipes that I am providing for you are good not only for combating allergies but also for


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This Is What Your Toenail Reveals About Your Health!

Pay a closer attention to your toenails Summer it’s on its way! Perfect season for long walks, travel, and adventure. For this type of occasions, I bet you are wearing something comfortable and breathable for your feet. Most likely sandals or slippers or some type of shoe that lets your feet be exposed. While it’s good that you let them see the light of day, you should also pay a closer attention to your toenails. Why? You know me, I’m all about prevention and observing signs and always being one step ahead of a disease. This is why, I want


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Efficient Home Remedies For Combating Bronchitis

How easily can your cold turn into chronic bronchitis? You’ve surely met a lot of people who can barely recover from a cold. A common cold in itself may be harmless. But tables can turn when your cold turns into bronchitis. So how can this affect you? Bronchitis is the inflammation of the airways, usually due to the cold air or foreign particles inhaled. Symptoms include… coughing up mucus wheezing shortness of breath chest congestion Those who are most prone to developing bronchitis are the smokers and those who live in polluted areas. If you want to protect yourself from