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Why Does Being Overweight Wreak Havoc On Your Health

For some people, having a few extra pounds is a matter of not feeling good in their own skin. But let me tell you a secret: aesthetics have nothing to do with being fat. It all sums up to your health.

You should not be concerned about what other people think of you because your weight does not define who you are.

However, what should be a matter of your concern is the impact that this “alien invader”, as some people like to call it, has on your health.

If you thought that having a little extra fat won’t do you any harm, let me break it down for you.

Any pound of adipose tissue that is not naturally needed in the metabolic processes releases hormones that favor a more quickly deposit of fat.

This explains why you keep adding pounds, even though you’re eating just as much as you used to.

In a couple of months, things can go pretty nasty, and you can gain up to 40 pounds without realizing why.

Moreover, fat can be disposed subcutaneously and around your visceral organs.

The Dangers of Visceral Fat

This type of fat impedes your vital organs to function properly.

Bear in mind that the amount of fat that is located beneath the muscle tissue is at least as large as the subcutaneous layer.

Your entire body has to suffer when there’s an unbalance.

  1. Your heart has a harder time pumping the blood because the fat that covers it resists the effort.
  2. Furthermore, there is an increased risk for your blood vessels and arteries to have fat deposited on their walls. Which means an additional stress on your cardiovascular system.
  3. Your joints resent six times the pressure of each pound of unneeded fat. This makes you prone to developing arthritis in a shorter amount of time.
  4. Adipose tissue also raises the inflammation throughout your body, making it more susceptible to catching infections and diseases.
  5. Let’s not forget about the fat deposits coating your intestines. They impede the nutritious substances to be properly assimilated into the bloodstream, making your immune system lose against the most common viruses.

Considering all of the above, losing weight should not be a priority in terms of looks or appearance. It should be all about your health and longevity.

Unfortunately, failing to keep your body composition under control is a sure way to gradually alter your health.

The best way to reverse this dreadful outcome is with prevention.

Even if you have a normal weight, have a set of blood tests. Find out if your cholesterol and triglyceride levels are within normal limits.

Don’t overlook any unnecessary pound of fat, and start clearing up your diet today.

Take care of your body and you will see great improvements in your overall wellbeing.

Tell me your thoughts.

Do you think your weight is wreaking your health?

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