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The Science Behind Power Nap


Power Nap Like a Pro

30 mins of power nap will change your life. Sharpen your memory, boost your cognitive skills and skyrocket your energy levels in one go!

How? The solution will surprise you…The idea came to me while looking at my cat Loulou, she was sleeping carelessly on the sofa – as cats do.


Meanwhile, I am so busy I can barely see the tip of my nose. Why am I so busy? Well, you are in for a treat this year, I am preparing some amazing things for you…But I want them to be just perfect, so that you will get only the best.


So, I was looking at the cat, purring lightly on the couch and it hit me: How long has it been since I had a proper nap? You see, a siesta should be an important part of your day. There’s a good reason why over 85% of the mammals on earth take several naps during the day – it keeps their mental and physical state healthy.

America is already a country of sleep deprived people and when you don’t get enough sleep you become the victim of heart disease and stress. You’re also more likely to become clumsy: drop coffee on documents, trip on a step, etc. Whereas if you start taking naps, you’ll see a great difference.

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A NASA study found that a catnap improves:

  • performance by 34%
  • alertness by 100%
  • memory retention
  • creativity
  • mood

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

Several studies have shown that a power snooze:

  • boosts your immune system
  • primes your sexual function
  • reduces stress and anxiety
  • aids in muscle repair and weight loss

The numbers are proof as well! A study revealed that people who take a 30-minute nap at least three times a week had 37% less risk of dying from a heart-related condition. Not only that, the risk of death is reduced by 64%! So take my cat’s example and improve your life!

Here are some tips to become a pro at cat naps:



You should always sleep at the same time during the day and night. Prime napping time falls in the middle of the day, between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. This estimation is based on an average adult sleep schedule from 11-12 am to 6-8 am.



Make sure you set an alarm for 30 minutes or less. If you don’t respect the timer, you have many chances of feeling groggy afterwards.



Choose a room where you can relax. Preferably it should be dark and quiet. This way you will fall asleep faster.



While you sleep, your body’s temperature naturally drops, so make sure you have a blanket nearby. This is how you can enjoy a rejuvenating and restful cat nap. So don’t exhaust yourself by overworking and over stressing. Taking a break can be more helpful than any coffee intake. And this has been confirmed by many in the science community.

However, remember to not oversleep or take the nap too late in the evening.

Because this will cause a disruption in your normal sleeping cycle. If you do this, you will feel groggy and tired. So be careful.

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To your health!

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