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Mythbusting: Are Microwaves really safe for you and your family?

How much do you use your microwave oven on a daily basis?

If you use it very often, then I have something to tell you and it might save not only your life but your loved ones as well.

And I am not exaggerating.

Since the invention of the Microwave oven in 1947 and to this day, people have been using it to reheat food and make their lives easier.

Or so they thought…

You might remember the cigar commercials on TV, where doctors used to advertise them. Movies were filled with actors who always smoked.

But what happened after a few decades?

Exactly! People started to feel the atrocious side effects of cigars: mouth, throat and lung cancer.

But with everything new, scientists need time to see the effects of something.

And recent research reveals something very alarming 1 :

  • headaches

  • fatigue

  • memory loss

  • brain damage

  • impaired brain function

  • Cataracts

  • Alzheimer’s 2 

  • cancer

  • infertility


But first, let’s clear some things out:

Microwaves are radio waves with frequencies ranging from around 300 million cycles per second (300 MHz) to 3 GHz. 3 

The frequency inside your microwave oven is of 2.45 BILLION hertz.

Research has shown that the human body starts undertaking damage when the frequency is over 10 hertz.

2.45 billion hertz vs. 10 hertz

Now, it’s quite obvious that this kind of exposure is deadly. And for that matter, the FDA has very restrictive regulations in place so that your microwave oven doesn’t leak dangerous waves.

However, all things are bound to break over time and even a small microwave leak can cause a lot of long-term harm.

So, is your Microwave safe?

There is a simple test that you can do to make sure that your microwave isn’t leaking toxic radiation. 4 

First you have to unplug your microwave and then place your phone inside it and close the door.

Now call your phone and see if it rings.

If it doesn’t, then you are safe. No radiation is leaking from your microwave oven.

If your phone starts ringing, then your microwave is leaking deadly amounts of radiation.

One reason why this happens is because with age, the door seals start to break and leakage occurs.

Once this happens, you are putting yourself and other people at risk.

Personally I highly recommend you to not use microwave ovens at all.

And that’s because, besides the radiation exposure in case of leakage, certain foods are deteriorated …

You see, when you put your food in plastic containers and reheat it, the plastic contaminates your food with deadly toxins that cause hormonal disruptions.

I wrote all about this here → Are your plastic food storage containers toxic for your health?

Furthermore, if you know any new mother that is breastfeeding, please warn her that she shouldn’t under any circumstance heat breast milk in the microwave.

A research conducted on microwaving human breast milk revealed something shocking. 5

The microwaving:

  • Reduces key antibodies

  • Promotes potentially dangerous bacteria

Furthermore, when the milk was heated to 72 degrees, the milk lost a 96% of all immunoglobulin-A antibodies, which fought invading microbes.

This leaves the poor baby with no nutrients and puts his life in danger.

Also, don’t think that older people are safe.

Quite the contrary, a research conducted with participants that consumed microwaved vegetables presented:

  • Increased cholesterol and stress levels (due to the increase of leukocyte – which indicate pathogenic effects such as poisoning and cell damage)

  • Decreased hemoglobin (creating anemic tendencies) and white blood cells count

And this in just a matter of minutes…

I want to hear your thoughts on this issue.

How much do you use your microwave oven?

Have you noticed people with Alzheimer’s in your family that used the microwave?

Do you know people with cataracts?

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To your health!

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