Knitting – The Hobby that Reduces Dementia, Anxiety, Stress and Arthritis Pain

My beloved mother in law (may she rest in peace) knitted a somewhat similar baby jumper, like in the picture below, for my firstborn.

She lived up to the honorable age of 95 and she was smart as a whip.

No dementia or memory loss issue, she could always remember her grocery list and never forgot to take her remedies and enjoy her siesta.

Little did we all know that her favorite downtime – knitting – was actually responsible for her brain health and general state of wellbeing.

And when I stumbled on the following research, I realized that my previous hunches were real.

Health Benefits of Knitting

According to the Knit for Peace research (done on over 15.000 knitters in the UK), it seems that knitting can offer you more than cozy mittens. Participants said that knitting:

I must admit that after reading these findings, I immediately asked my wife to teach me how to knit. Needless to say that my first attempts were horrendous. I’m getting better at it though and I’m halfway through one shaggy mitten already.

Joking aside, I believe that you should send to your friends or loved one this information. You can help so many people by telling them how healthy this habit is.

And also, now you have the best opportunity to knit presents for your loved ones this Christmas.

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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To your health!

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