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Instant Remedies for Blocked Sinuses

blocked sinuses

Cold weather comes with many bothersome conditions.

Most of the people catch flues or colds, but these aren’t the only type of seasonal affection. One health-related sensitivity I’ve always had was related to my sinuses.

For many years (and still to this day, if I don’t prevent it), the first thing I had to do in the morning was placing a warm cloth on my neck. During the low temperatures in the winter nights, my sinuses were getting blocked and I was forced to breathe in through my mouth during the sleep. The cold air inflamed the ganglions in my neck, while the warm cloth helped them recover.

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As time passed by, I figured out the causes and acted upon them. If you have a similar feeling or just feel pain or pressure in the area between your eyes, here is some advice that will certainly alleviate your condition real quick:

1. Place a pot of water on the heater in the room.

This should be done especially over night, but you can keep it during the day, as well. If the air is not humid enough (as it usually happens during this time of the year) it irritates your sinuses. Moreover, your skin, eyes, and throat are also affected. A balanced level of humidity is around 40 to 60%. Start with a small pot and if the next morning you still have the same symptoms. Gradually increase the amount of water from evening to evening.

2. Gently press the area between the eyes.

sinusesIf the first thing you notice after waking up is that you have difficulty breathing through your nose, start releasing the pressure. You can do that by either using your thumb or your index and middle fingers.

If you use the thumb, place the fingertip on the orange area, with the nail pointing towards your mouth, and the rest of the fist resting on your forehead. Keep it pressed for 10 seconds, while you slowly breathe in and out.

If you choose your index and middle finger, they will also cover some of the green parts. Place the fingertips on the orange area once again, with the rest of your index and middle fingers covering your nose. Press for 10 seconds, and take deep breaths.

3. The classic infusion

sinusesThis is similar to the first remedy presented. You need to boil some water and let it cool for a few minutes so that the hot steams don’t burn your face.

Place your head above the pot of water, and cover it with a towel or a cloth, so that the water vapors can’t get away. Have a break every couple of minutes to clear your nose and regulate your breathing.

Continue until the water gets colder and there is no more steam.

Some people recommend nasal irrigations. But my personal advice is to only undergo such procedures if you’ve ever seen someone else doing it, if you have particular knowledge in the medical area, or if the doctor recommended it to you.

If you don’t have any experience, it’s very easy to breathe in the water. It gets into your lungs and causes major complications.

Your health is in your hands!

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