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IBS – Lifestyle Rules and Tips to Keep it at Bay and Never Worry

Shockingly, over 60 million Americans suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

That’s almost 20% of the population!

The victims of this disease usually have to deal with severe diarrhea or ulceration of the digestive tract.

This makes life extremely difficult for them.

Not to mention the embarrassing situation it puts you through…

A patient told me how she once missed a job interview and almost couldn’t make it to her sister’s graduation because of it.

But what causes IBS?

Here are the main culprits to watch out for:

  • a low fiber diet
  • food allergies
  • free radicals
  • nutritional deficiencies
  • stress
  • leaky gut
  • drugs and alcohol

But Did You Know That This Condition Can Be Kept at Bay By Just Following A Few Rules?

I’m about to give you the ultimate know-how about IBS and how to control it.

Remember, what I’m about to give you” It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change.”

Wouldn’t you rather feel great and go out and about, rather than being chained to your home?

You can become the master of your body and gain relief from IBS by adding these foods to your meals:

  • Fresh vegetable juice provides critical electrolytes (make sure the vegetable juice does not worsen your diarrhea – It’s different for everyone).
  • Steamed non-starchy vegetablesare easy to digest and therefore an ally for your bowels.
  • Homemade probiotic rich foodslike kefir, amasai and yogurt shouldn’t miss from your daily diet plan. They help heal your gut and balance your microflora.
  • Clean lean protein is a must to avoid and heal bowel disease. Try to eat at least 3-4 oz. of protein per meal.
  • Homemade bone broth will provide your body with proline and glycine which helps stimulate the production of collagen. This acts like a “glue” that helps repair the ripped wall of your intestines.
  • Healthy fats like egg yolks, salmon, avocados, ghee and coconut oil are easy on the gut and promote intestinal healing.
  • Fruit in the morning (1 serving) is perfect for a gut healing diet. You can steam apples and pears to enjoy a delicious homemade apple sauce in the morning.

To Boost Your Results, Add One of the Following Remedies to Your Diet:

  • Digestive Enzymes help your stomach digest food easier, which will support gut healing. You should take 2 before each meal.
  • L-glutamine powder repairs the digestive tract, providing relief for people with chronic diarrhea. You should consume 5 grams, twice a day.
  • Aloe Vera Juice helps heal your digestive system. To relish in the results, drink half a cup 3 times daily.
  • Fish oil is a powerhouse substance; the reason why it is so great is because it reduces the inflammation in your gastrointestinal tract. Make sure you consume 1000 mg a day.

But make sure you avoid the following at all costs:

  1. Pasteurized dairy can be hard to digest and can make digestive symptoms worse.
  2. Gluten is a no-no for any bowel disease. Also make sure to not consume foods made with or containing wheat.
  3. Sugar and refined flour are hard to digest and reduce the activity of your immune system.
  4. Caffeine stimulates the digestive tract increasing inflammation.
  5. Food allergies will trigger diarrhea, so avoid all foods that trigger it. Other common culprits include gluten, nuts, shellfish, and dairy.
  6. Hot and spicy foods worsen most IBS symptoms fast.
  7. Any type of whole grain will contain phytic acid and starch, which can irritate the intestinal lining, causing gut issues.

Also, stress is a big factor, because it flares up your condition.

Make sure you give yourself a well-deserved break every weak and at least a few minutes during the day.

Your body is your temple, nurture it with love and dedication and you’ll see the positive changes in no time.

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To your health!

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