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Hidden Diseases – What Do Your Eyes Reveal?


Does the phrase “Eyes are the mirrors of the soul” ring any bell to you? If it does, and I bet it did, today I will let you in on new information.

Your eyes tell many things about you, especially about your health.

Have you ever wondered why, at the doctor’s office, the medical practitioner checks your eyes with a flashlight?

Besides checking if your pupils are reacting normally, he also checks for specific signs that inform him of your internal health.

With a single glance he can make assumptions about your general health and suggest additional medical tests.

Now I am going to tell you how to detect liver problems just by staring into someone’s or your eyes. If you observe one of the symptoms bellow, please don’t hesitate to book for a doctors’ appointment quickly.

The Weird Connection between Your Eyes and Liver

Are the whites of your eyes yellow?

When your blood contains high levels of Bilirubin, your liver is unable to break down old blood cells. This can indicate liver scarringliver damage or even liver disease.

Do you have bumps on your eyelids?

Medically termed “Xanthelasma Palpebra” is the condition in which little bumps form on your eyelids.

It is also known as “cholesterol bumps” because it may indicate you have high levels of cholesterol in your body. If you don’t get it check, you might end up with fatty liver disease.

Do you suffer from dry eyes?

Although many factors can cause this issue; paired with blurry vision/dizziness, fatigue, and constant tiredness, floaters in the eye, poor vision at night, muscle cramps or problems with your menstruation cycle – it suggests a blood deficiency in the liver.

Traditional Chinese Medicine used this method of detection, and now even Modern Western Medicine uses these indicators.

Are your eyes bloodshot?

This can be caused by smoking, drinking and staying up late regularly and if you wake up constantly with bloodshot eyes, then you should check with a physician because it could indicate liver inflammation.

Taking good care of your health by exercising regularly, getting enough rest and keeping a healthy diet is the key to a fulfilling general health.

Please always keep an ‘eye’ out for signs, go for regular check-ups and prioritize your health.

Did you know your eyes can reveal so much about your health?

Let me know if you want to know what other signs your eyes give you about your health.

Moreover, do your best to keep your vision in excellent shape.

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To your health!

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