Have A Healthy Skin This Summer By Doing This

Healthy Skin
Healthy Skin

Since the temperature levels are rising, I know that you might feel tempted to cool yourself down by exposing your skin more to the elements.

This is a common mistake that many people make this particular season.

However, you must know that too much exposure to the sun has long-lasting negative effects.

This is why I want to give you some useful tips so that you can enjoy yourself while having a gorgeous healthy skin.

Tips for a Healthy Skin

1. Sun lotion

I cannot stress the importance of it enough!

While the sun is healthy and the body assimilates vitamin D because of it, too much exposure (and during peak hours) can be extremely harmful.

Why is it dangerous?

  • Sunburns
  • Cancerous effect on the skin
  • Premature aging
  • Spots
  • Wrinkles
  • Depigmentation
  • Sagging of the skin

The basic rule that you should always follow is to use a sunscreen lotion with at least a 15 UV protection between 10 am-16 pm.

Tip: If you have a sunburn, you can use Aloe Vera gel or soak in lukewarm water infused with chamomile tea.

natural items

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2. Natural products for healthy skin

Coconut Oil

coconut oil

Because of its curative properties, it can smooth skin, prevent infection, kills fungus and harmful bacteria, moisturizes, and helps the skin heal faster.

You can apply it to clean skin, massage gently, and wash thoroughly after.

Olive Oilolive oil

It has anti-bacterial and moisturizing properties.

It is also extremely efficient when it comes to sunburns because it not only soothes the skin but it also smooths the tissue.

You can apply it in your bathwater and soak in it for a few minutes.

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3. Proper clothing and accessories

Sweating and tight clothes/ accessories cause friction that can lead to annoying acne and sometimes even sores.

Even synthetic clothes can cause the body to overheat, retain warmth, and prevent your body from breathing.

Try wearing loose and comfortable cotton clothing. Your skin will thank you in the long run.

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4. Proper Nutrition

It goes without saying that your body reflects what you ingest. Therefore, being more conscious about what you eat is going to put you on the path of a wonderful skin.

I have collected a few delicious smoothies that you can enjoy this summer, while they will boost the texture of your skin:

Berries and Kale Smoothie

berries smoothie

All you need is 2 cups of raspberries, blueberries, and fresh strawberries combined, 1 cup kale, and 1 cup water.

Put them in a blender and enjoy!

This powerful mixture is a combination of potent antioxidants, vitamin C, and omega 3 fatty acids which promotes collagen production and reduces inflammation and redness.

Orange Juice and Mango Smoothie

orange and mango smoothie

You need ½ cup plain yogurt, ½ cup orange juice, ½ cup mango, 1 tablespoon fish oil.

This mixture provides you with the necessary and very hard acquired B6 Vitamin.

Furthermore, it also contains Vitamin C, E, and fatty acids.

This smoothie helps keep your skin moisturized properly and stops excessive sebum.

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Try these tips and incorporate them into your lifestyle this summer and rip the rewards.

Let me know if you found this informative and what other things would you like more to find out from me.

Your health is in your hands.

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