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These Habits Affect Your Kidneys [Do You Do Them?]

Along with your liver, the kidneys are massively involved in the detox process, flushing the toxins out of your body. Just like any other vital part of your body, they require special care to keep them working at their best.

Your daily habits dictate whether they work efficiently or not.

Are you giving your kidneys a hard time?

Unfortunately, as we age, some of our body functions naturally decrease their performances. However, it is our duty to protect them and prevent certain diseases, for the sake of our health. 

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So, are you taking care of your kidneys properly?

1. Insufficient Water Intake

wrinklesProper hydration is essential for your kidneys because they are the ones that balance your body’s fluids.

You can imagine your body as a fertile soil that is deprived of water. Slowly, but surely, it will become barren, with little, if at all, life thriving.

What to do?

You should drink 2.2 pounds of water for every 55lbs you weight. Therefore, adjust your intake according to your particular needs.

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kidneys2. Coffee or Soda Addiction

Your kidneys are also responsible for releasing the hormones that regulate blood pressure and for producing Vitamin D, which strengthens your bones.

If you have the habit of drinking a cup of coffee in the morning, I have something to ask you.

Do you know what’s the caffeine’s impact on your body? 

First, it deprives your body of Calcium and increases your blood pressure. Secondly, the constant consumption of caffeinated beverages leads to a decreased tendency to drink water. This means twice the damage for an already insufficiently hydrated body.

Advice: Limit your intake to a coffee or soda once a couple of days.

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3. Protein Overload

More than 95% of the people don’t reach their daily required amount of protein. But the same percentage provides it from animal sources like meat or dairy products.

Even if meat is considered one of the best protein sources, it is too stressful for your kidneys to break it down into amino acids.

If you adapted the intake to the modern lifestyle, you’d need only 1/3 of animal protein each day. The rest is provided by vegetable sources such as soy, chickpeas, and whole grains.

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Don’t be surprised if you’ll need to use the restroom more frequently than before. It’s your body’s natural response. Now it has the proper tools for flushing away the toxins that would otherwise plague your system, gradually altering your health.

How do you take care of your kidneys?

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