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The High Intensity Grape Therapy Diet and Its Incredible Health Benefits

When you get a hangover from wine it’s called the grape depression. Every box of raisins is a tragic tale of grapes that could have been wine.

They’re funny, right? These are just two of the jokes that I like the most.

But leaving jokes aside, grapes are truly amazing. I could talk all day long about their benefits and I still don’t believe that I could cover everything there is to say about them.

Rigurous studies conducted in prestigious labs and clinics around the world proved that the therapeutic action of consuming large amounts of grapes trumps an entire industry of meds.

Health Benefits of Grapes

Acting As a Shield against all Anti-Tumor Diseases

Among its strongest and most praised benefits is its anti-tumor property, with lab studies showing that the elagic acid in grapes reduces cancer incidence by 70% (especially the pulmonary type).

Active or passive smokers (those spending a lot of time in the presence of active smokers) should consume high amounts of grapes, especially during the autumn, when they’re ready for consumption.

Another great component found especially in black and red grapes, quercitine, inhibits the development of malignant melanoma – which is one of the most invasize and most difficult to treat type of cancer.

So, there’s real hope for those suffering from metastatic tumors.

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Quercetine: The Heart Protector

Quercetine, the same wonder compound found in grapes (as well as garlic):

  • is also great for your heart

  • helps keep blood vessels supple

  • strengthens the capillaries

  • slows the aging process considerablly

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Resveratrol: The Elixir Of Youth

Resveratrol, another substance contained in grapes, is an elixir especially for women, with clinical trials showing that it…

  • improves hormone activity, being a great help in regulating the menstrual cycle

  • combats hirsutism, mammary hypoplasia (insufficient breast development), infertility and premature menopause

  • prevents and combats breast cancer

However, let me point out something very important: grapes should always be consumed unpeeled, since it is that particular peel that has multiple therapeutic effects.

That’s because the peel and that small gelatinous layer between the peel and the pulp of the fruit contain the most important, health-inducing substances.

And if you want to take full advantage of all the magnificent properties that grapes possess, then you should also try chewing the seeds, which contain a fatty oil that reduces cholesterol and maintains the health of the blood vessels.

And whatever you do, always remember that fresh grapes are the best. Preserved ones contain less than 10% of the curative properties of fresh grapes.

Now, I think you are ready for a Health Revolution with Grapes. Here is what you need to do to improve your overall health thenfold:

The High Intensity Grape Therapy Diet

Start with a warming up period of 3 days, in which you consume foods, alongside 1 pound of grapes on the first day, 2 pounds of grapes on the second day and 3 pounds of grapes on the third day.

Then on the next 5 days, you’ll consume nothing more than fresh grapes or grape juice.

Consume at least a minimum of 3 pounds of grapes or 1.2 liters of fresh grape juice every day, the maximum amount being no more than 6-8lbs of grapes or 67 oz. of juice a day.

After the last diet day, you’ll be able to gradually insert normal foods back into your diet.

Start by first consuming infusions of plants sweetened with honey and light foods (hot vegetables, cooked potato soups), so that you’ll be able to to eat normally within 3-4 days.

Recommendations: make sure that the grapes you’ll be consuming are sweet, ripe and fresh. Plus, the only thing that you’ll be allowed to consume during those 5 exclusive-grape-days is unsweetened cumin, mint or thyme tea.

Effects of The High Intensity Grape Therapy Diet

The high intensity cure is a real head-to-toes health-pumping cure, since it…

  • helps cleanse you of toxins
  • promptly removes obesity
  • regulates metabolism
  • strengthens the cardiovascular system
  • combats acne and skin rashes
  • helps cure dermatoses which proves resistant to other forms of treatment
  • beautifies the skin: following the detoxification processes triggered by this cure, the skin becomes shiny and velvety, and the excess weight is easily shed.

So give this diet a try and let me know how that made you feel.

Were you aware that grapes were such an invaluable way of boosting your overall health?

I’m looking forward to reading your replies, so please hit the LIKE and SHARE.

To your health!

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