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3 Steps To Follow Once You Are Fungus-Free


So you’ve just finished your toenail fungus treatment! But you should know that you are not completely off the hook just yet.

Because what you do during the next few days is crucial.

The prevention measures you take, and the care you should have towards your feet are not very different from the treatments you’ve followed.

Yet, the difference stands in whether you follow them thoroughly or not.

Just because the fungus seems to have disappeared, it doesn’t mean your treatment is over.

You just have to make sure you completely remove all traces of fungus from your body.

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Preventive Measures

I’ve put together a list with a few easy steps that will help you get rid of the fungus once and for all.

1. You should continue soaking your feet in a solution that consists of one part baking soda and three parts water.

Keep the area immersed in the solution for at least three minutes, and then rinse it well.

Dab your feet with a cotton towel, without rubbing the skin.

Because you see, putting too much pressure on the affected area, might lead to the skin feeling itchy.

So, continue using this simple procedure daily, for the first seven days after the skin has regained its normal appearance.

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2. Soften and soothe the skin using Aloe Vera gel.

After patting the feet dry with the towel, apply an amount of Aloe Vera gel the size of a pea on the affected area.

You don’t need to wash off the gel, but you have to make sure that your skin completely absorbs the layer of gel you put on.

So you can enjoy the incredible soothing and anti-fungal benefits of Aloe Vera.

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3. Let your feet breathe.

Clean and dry feet and nails are less likely to catch a fungus.

So, if the weather allows it, wear sandals or flip-flops as much as you can.

And if you need to wear shoes or boots, make sure you use socks made of a synthetic fiber that sucks all the moisture from your feet even better than cotton.

Given that fungus thrives in moist and damp environments, it is highly important to also change your socks twice a day.

Or whenever you believe it necessary.

When you are at home, avoid wearing any socks.

Give your feet room to breath.

Oh, and one other thing: whenever you go to a public pool, or use the shower at your local gym, make sure you wear flip flops to avoid picking up the fungus.

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As I mentioned before, these prevention measures are fairly easy to follow.

But they can make the difference between fungus free feet or having them destroyed by this microscopic enemy.

So I urge you to be careful, especially when seeing your feet and nails regaining their normal, healthy look.

Just because you don’t see the symptoms anymore, it doesn’t mean you’ve completely got rid of the fungus in your system.

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That is a trap that too many people fall into. 

And remember: things are not always what they appear.

But don’t worry, because these preventative measures will keep the fungus away from your feet.

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To your health!

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