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Biohack Your Energy Levels

Remember Popeye the Sailor? One of my nephews asked me to watch this cartoon with him recently and I admit – nostalgia hit me.

When I moved to America, 40 something years ago, I used to watch these cartoons and they would always help cheer me up.

You might be thinking right now: Doc, why are you talking about cartoons?

Well, I realized I have something in common with Popeye!

I also eat large amounts of spinach too and add them to almost anything: salads, sauces, pies, etc.


But, how can they spike up your energy levels?

Only half a cup of boiled and drained spinach contains 3.2 g of ironThat’s 20% of your daily iron requirement

Why is this relevant? 

Because when your body has an iron deficiency, your tissues don’t receive enough oxygen. 

The end result? Constant fatigue.

Not to mention that these leafy greens are packed with amino acids and tyrosine that not only heal your gut but boost your energy levels to the roof.

This could be you, fighting off fatigue and disease just like Popeye:

So, don’t waste any more time and add spinach to your meals and marvel at the results!

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Other Energy-Boosting Foods

You’d be surprised to discover that fruits aren’t the only type of foods that can spike up your energy.


Yes, eating this green veggie has amazing perks. It supercharges your batteries, aids in weight loss, and it has healthy nutrients. 

This food keeps on giving, so why not give it a try?

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Sweet Potatoes

Many people miss out on the amazing benefits of this food. 

Are you one of them? 

Take a look at just some of its health effects:

  • Improves vision.
  • Nourishes your skin.
  • Boosts neurological function.
  • Reduces inflammation in your body.

And this is all due to its high quantities of Vitamin A. 

Just one medium sweet potato packs at least 400% of your daily Vitamin A requirement.

What’s more? You can simply cook it in the microwave. So, if you think of sweet potatoes as a replacement for regular potatoes, you are on the right track. 

Sweet potatoes contain high amounts of fiber, potassium, and have more nutrients than calories. 

Enjoy this food when you want something sweet that won’t show up on your scale but will give you long-lasting energy.

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Increase Your Energy Levels in Minutes

Now I’ll tell you which fruits are the best when it comes to recharging your batteries:


They are low in calories and fiber, which makes them easily digestible. 

Also, they are packed with antioxidants and healthy carbohydrates, which break down into blood sugar for fuel.

Tip: Dip your banana in peanut butter – this will help extend the energy boost.

But, if you want to feel more exotic, you can munch on one of the following fruits whenever you feel sluggish:

  • Peaches
  • Apricots
  • Nectarines
  • Cherries
  • Oranges
  • Cherimoya
  • Dates
  • Guava Lychee
  • Passion Fruit
  • Papaya
  • Persimmon
  • Pineapple

Keep your body going with the right fuel and never look back!

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To your health!

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