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The Easy & Effective Japanese Weight Loss Technique You Should Know

Apart from the great holistic approach that relieves most diseases the natural way, do you know what else are the Japanese famous for?

Have you ever heard of “Hara Hachi Bu”?

It’s a lifestyle principle that helps us add many quality years to our lives.

It’s something that we follow as much as we can.

But people in Okinawa, Japan stick to the Hara Hachi Bu every single day.

And the results they experience are remarkable.

They are quite possibly the longest lived, and healthiest people on the planet…

Given that they live well past 100.

So let me tell you more about this principle.

For Japanese it’s Hara Hachi Bu and to the untrained it’s something that seems complicated.

But in fact, it’s something very easy: it’s about the-eat-until-you-are-80%-full principle.

For most of us, this is the lifestyle we chose because it makes us feel good and helps us kick away any fat gain and any other problems that may derive from weight gain.

You see, we believe that smaller portions are better.

We don’t eat those big meals which make us feel sluggish and unable to move around afterwards.

And it’s not that we are naturally thin, it’s the 80%-full eating habit that does most of the work for us.

It’s the main reason why most of us are thin.

So How Can You Do This?

1. For starters, eat only half on what you’d normally eat and see how you feel.

And one important thing that will help you successfully follow this 80% principle is: don’t race through your meals.

The faster you eat, the less time your body has to figure out that it’s actually not hungry anymore.

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2. Second, take your time to grow into the 80% full principle.

It takes on average around 20 meals to reset your muscle memory. That’s a week, give or take, a few days.

So give your body a week to adjust to this new minor change. It’ll do wonders for your health.

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3. Try to switch from eating 3 meals per day to having 5 meals each day.

If you eat until you are 80% full, then you will be better off with eating 5 meals each day.

In this way, your body will be able to process the food you eat much faster.

And you’ll be able to shed pounds of fat without actually realizing.

You see, when you eat too much, digesting the foods you eat requires a lot of energy.

And once it’s done digesting, your body simply doesn’t have the energy to helping go on with your day.

It becomes overpowered by this activity.

So that’s why you feel like dropping dead and wanting nothing more than to sleep.

And there’s something else: as long as you eat until you move past the satiation border, you keep extra weight on.

But, as long as you eat until you are 80% full, you give your body the chance to save its strength and naturally lose weight.

Doing this one simple thing will work wonders for your health.

And here in the US, the 80/20 rule has begun to catch on.

Supermodels such as Miranda Kerr, even Jillian Michaels, the famous trainer follow the eat until you’re 80% full plan.

Begin implementing this simple change, and you’re off to a great start.

To your health!

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