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Does Sport Really Help You Shed The Pounds?

There are a ton of newly-discovered methods, overnight specialists, and lots of advice on the market, and it’s pretty hard to know what’s real and what’s myth anymore.

The Importance of Sport

Your body is just like a machine. It needs fuel and it needs oil. If you meet these needs, then it’ll be working at its best.

But looking around, there are not many people who do so.

Actually, there are far more people dealing with obesity or health problems, which are nothing else but the consequence of feeding the wrong kind of fuel to the body.

But how does sport work?

Probably the most important of all, it increases stamina (your resistance), the strength, and it activates your metabolism.

Basically, sport acts like a catalyst and it eases all the processes in your body.

Many independent studies have shown that sport is only 20% of the equation, while nutrition holds the other 80%.

Even top-performance sportsmen and women agree with them, and are very aware of their diets. But why is that?

When we work out, the metabolic activity is raised.

For short periods of time, your body is under a heavier strain than what it was used to, but all for the best results: the pulmonary capacity increases, and the blood is carried through the body quicker. This means that nutrients (or toxins) reach the vital organs more quickly.

Moreover, the active muscles perform better than they did while they were “lazy.” Last, but not least, contracting the muscles (and I don’t mean in the way bodybuilders do, but in the way they’re not resting anymore) leads to a different image when you look in the mirror.

If you work out intensely or moderately, but on a regular basis, your body needs to recover from the excessive work. It needs rest, and the proper nutrients that come and “repair” what has been consumed. While the physical activity itself raises your metabolic rate, it’s the recovery that actually helps you shed the pounds off.

The Importance of Nutrition

Remember I was saying your body is like a machine?

Imagine you’re driving your dream car, for example. You’re halfway through your destination, but you get a flat tire. Now, what’s the next thing to do?

You surely wouldn’t continue driving without fixing the tire, so why do the same with your body? You can have the most amazing driving skills (or physical activity routine), if you lack the essential.

Moreover, sports can cause you to gain weight or get sick if you don’t have proper nutrition.

Why is that?

Going back a couple of paragraphs, I mentioned that sport is a catalyst. This means that all the processes are “hurried”, and your blood flows more easily through the body, regardless of what you eat. If your diet is imbalanced, and you consume too much sugar, fat or too many calories, the harmful effects will still show quickly.

On an ending note, having proper eating habits and being involved in physical activity will give you the best results.

Your health (and looks) is in your hands!

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