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Do You Have A Dry Or Dehydrated Skin? Here’s The Important Difference

Difference Between Dry and Dehydrated Skin
Difference Between Dry and Dehydrated Skin

Dry and dehydrated skin

Dry and dehydrated skin are two different things that not many people can tell apart.

To make things clearer, dryness refers to moisture and natural oils, while dehydration refers to the amount of water in your body (pretty self-explanatory).

Being two distinct conditions, that’s why you can have both oily and “dry” skin, the latter one being the popular term for “dehydrated”.

Nonetheless, both require particular care that complement each other’s function.

In simpler words, the moisturizer is needed to prevent the water from leaving the skin.

How to ensure the best hydration?

  • Make sure you drink 1L of water (or unsweetened teas) for every 25kg of body weight.

These are your body’s needs and when they’re not met, the skin is the last one on your body’s priority list.

  • Drink Aloe juice, preferably homemade or bought from health shops.

The Aloe leaf is made of long molecules that couple the water molecule, allowing it to stay in the body for longer periods.

Avoid those with added sugar, because they no longer hydrate, but are processed as foods by the body.

How to ensure proper moisture?

  • Because the main purpose of the moisturizer is to keep the water on the skin, it’s essential to be applied as last step, after cleaning and tonifying the pores, and never before.
  • Use a lotion rich in almond or coconut oil, or simply virgin olive oil.

Use a cotton ball with a drop or two of oil, smother it, and then apply it on skin.

  • While cleansing, make sure you don’t use products that contain caustic soda (this means that any kind of soap is out of the question).

Besides eliminating the impurities, they also attack the natural oils of the skin, which leads to an excessive production of sebum for balance.

Maintain a healthy glowing visage by following the tips mentioned above. Also, if you want to find more info, you’ll find this article interesting to read.

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