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How To Decrease Your Blood Pressure with Simple Lifestyle Changes

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How lifestyle and habits impact our health?

During the last couples of years, medicine has come to the conclusion that most of us knew already. The fact that the majority of the diseases we face today are caused by our lifestyle and habits.


Simply put, this means that you can prevent or even treat some of them, once you get the hold of the specific habit that’s causing it. Maybe it’s too much trans fats in your diet (mostly if you enjoy bakery products) or not enough sleep. Whatever it is, you can work on it and improve your health.

High blood pressure is one of the chronic metabolic diseases that are almost completely up to you. It arises when the fats in the blood are in excess and narrow the blood vessels. This means that the same amount of blood needs to pass through a smaller gauge, which increases its pressure.

Excepting the cases of genetic dyslipidemia, where it’s a genetic aspect involved, a well-chosen diet will normal your blood fats and pressure.

Moreover, if your heredity favors the buildup, it’s another good reason to pay attention to your diet, for a better health control.

Lifestyle Changes for Lowering Blood Pressure

1. Replace unhealthy oils with Omega-3 Fatty Acids.


Most products that taste heavenly are filled with trans-fats that get stuck on your blood vessels’ walls, leading to high levels of “bad” cholesterol (LDL).

HDL cholesterol, on the other hand, unglues that fat and helps it recirculate through the body.

At this point, you can eliminate it through the stool (provided you have enough fiber in your diet) or it can get stuck again.

Go for olive oil more often, and avoid solid fats, as it reflects the degree of their saturation.

For example, coconut and palm oil, whose natural state is solid, are less healthy than olive oil, which is liquid, therefore less saturated.

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2. Eat more oatmeal.

Time and again, oatmeal has proven its efficiency with lowering cholesterol. It is the best source of fiber that couples the fat in the blood and eliminates it.

Once you include it in your daily eating habits, I strongly advise you to make sure you have a proper water intake, otherwise it will soak the water in your intestines, leading to constipation.

The best time to consume it is in the first part of the day, when your GI tract is empty. The human digestion was not designed for eating cereals, which are the main meal for horses (who have stronger teeth and much concentrated gastric juice).

Therefore, you can’t eat it raw. For the best results, prepare it in the evening for the next morning. Boil some water (the equivalent of a glass), and then put the recipient away from the source of heat. Pour a portion of oatmeal over the hot water, and then stir until it is completely soaked. Let it cool at room temperature, and eat it in the morning.

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3. Experience the healing properties of these herbs:


This spice is used for the health of the entire cardiovascular system.

Moreover, it also drops the blood sugar levels, protecting you from developing diabetes.

You can sprinkle it on the oatmeal to enhance its taste, in teas or on cooked meat.

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It is known for allicin, a compound that has numerous health benefits. Garlic is a powerful antioxidant and antibacterial, but it also has lipid lowering properties.

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This spice contains curcumin, which lowers the plaque accumulated inside the blood vessels.

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These tips do not replace your current drugs for blood pressure control.

However, I suggest you to stay in touch with your healthcare provider, as they might need to adjust your medication once these habits are part of your lifestyle.

What do you think of these tips?

Will you try them?

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To your health!

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