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Is there a connection between a Fungus Infection and Psoriasis?

 Is your fungus putting you at a higher risk of developing psoriasis?

An increasingly worrying number of studies are beginning to reveal this shocking truth. Fungus not only…

  • Causes brain fog and poor memory issues
  • Drains you of your energy
  • Causes you digestive problems
  • Triggers rheumatoid arthritis
  • Causes mood swings, anxiety, and depression
  • Breeds severe seasonal allergies
  • Generates strong sugar cravings

… but it can unravel and impair your body’s ability to fight back against potentially FATAL disorders, including Psoriasis.

The worst part about this disorder is that people with a rash or skin patch usually ignore this annoying condition, and just wait for it to go away on its away.

Most of them believe they have just a simple case of allergy on their hands.

But when these mere breakouts begin to stack up in crusts, they can even disrupt your daily activities.

What I’ve just described is a normal case of Psoriasis – a skin disease that you won’t notice until it actually GROWS on you.

You may be inclined to hide away the red, raised, scaly patches appearing on your skin or treat it with a few over-the-counter medications.

But that’s just like trying to catch water with a shovel.

And in time, this disease will only grow stronger. Because you see, Psoriasis goes beyond being just a skin disease.

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It can even go as far as triggering vasculitis – which is the inflammation of your blood vessels.

When this happens, your immune system goes after your blood vessels, mistaking them for foreign invaders. And this causes inflammation which sweeps everything from the arteries down to your veins.

In other words, it HINDERS the flow of oxygen from reaching out to your brain and heart.

But what’s truly disturbing is how this disease can force your heart to stop beating.

During an investigatory study, Dr. Nehal Mehta, senior clinical investigator of U.S. National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute discovered that even the mildest form of psoriasis may skyrocket a persons’ chances of suffering from stroke or heart attack.

“As the amount of psoriasis plaque increases, the amount of blood vessel inflammation increases”.

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A study conducted on a sample of 80 people in their 40 revealed a terrifying conclusion: people suffering with Psoriasis have a 41% increased risk of suffering from blood vessel inflammation.

And in the words of Michael Siegel, the research program director of the National Psoriasis Foundation

“Even mild psoriasis carries a risk for heart problem. And evidence suggests that patients should have their disease treated.”

So if you suffer from psoriasis, I strongly advise you to first tackle the root cause of disease, and FIRST, go on a “candida cleanse diet”.

This means that you need to avoid

  • Sugars

  • White flour

  • Yeasts

  • Cheeses

… to cure this “yeast syndrome.”

Because you see, these foods basically feed your fungus infection and help it grow stronger and more dangerous by the day.

But that’s just the first step that you have to do to purge your body from the nasty toenail fungus.

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