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Cinnamon – Health Boosting Benefits and Natural Remedies

The cold season is now here and all I can think about is the amazing cinnamon-flavored candles that my wife always spreads around the house during the holiday season.

In fact, her lighting up the cinnamon candles gave me the idea for this article.

And I’m so glad it did, because cinnamon is a great enemy to diseases. You can drastically improve your health by adding cinnamon to your daily food regimen.

Cinnamon has been used in therapy and religious rituals for over 7,000 years.

In India and China, it was burned in temples and was offered as a gift to the gods, and to get rid of evil spirits.

In Greece and Ancient Rome, it was used in rituals dedicated to Aphrodite, the goddess of love. And in Egypt, cinnamon was one of the pharaoh’s favorite plants, and it was used in rituals of sacrifice and embalming.

Used in small amounts in the process of preparing food, cinnamon is an excellent digestive tonic, since it helps regulate appetite and prevent colon problems.

In Europe, it is mainly used as a spice for sweets, which is what makes it an indispensable presence in apple pie, milk rice, various kinds of cake, hot chocolate, etc. Besides its extremely appetizing aroma, it can also partially diminish the harmful effects of sugar and starch.

In Asia, cinnamon is combined with pepper to spice fat or roasted foods because it’s an excellent prophylactic to indigestion and liver disorders caused by fat.

In colder Asian regions (like Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, certain areas of Pakistan), cinnamon is used to make an incredibly varied range of teas with warming and blood circulation stimulation effects. Actually, cinnamon tea is a real medicine, which is why we will talk about it in detail.

Medicinal Properties of Cinnamon Tea

Use this health boosting tea to warm up your bones while also enjoy its incredible health benefits:

  • stimulates blood circulation
  • prevents colds
  • increases mental and physical health

How to make it: boil half a teaspoon of cinnamon in a cup of water for one minute, then allow it to sit for 10 minutes, filter it and consume it as warm as possible. It has immediate effects.

Weight loss tip!

Drink one cup of cold cinnamon tea just before eating. This will help you eat less food and, most importantly, decreases appetite for sweets.

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Cinnamon Powder Health Benefits

Health Benefits:

  • it helps lower high blood sugar (hypoglycemic effects)
  • excellent digestive
  • anti-infectious effects (destroys pathogens in the digestive tract)

How to make it: grind the cinnamon sticks in the coffee grinder. Store the powder in a hermetically sealed jar to prevent evaporation of volatile oils. Take a spoonful 3-6 times a day.

Consuming one teaspoon of cinnamon after meals:

  • regulates pancreatic activity and glycaemia
  • prolongs satiety (you’ll feel full longer)
  • helps the fat burning process and prevents excess fat build-up

For nocturnal food users who have an insatiable appetite before sleeping, they should consume a spoonful of honey cinnamon dissolved in a cup of hot water. This treatment diminishes or even eliminates night hunger.

Cinnamon and Honey

Health Benefits:

  • excellent stimulant of attention and memory
  • has mild aphrodisiac effects

How to make it: take two teaspoons of cinnamon powder together with four tablespoons of liquid honey and mix well. Consume the paste throughout the day, usually before the main meals.

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Natural Cures with Cinnamon

Cinnamon and Colds

The hot cinnamon tea is a great first aid in case of colds. Drink 3-4 cups a day, as hot as possible.

This tea has a very strong antibacterial and antiviral effect, exerted especially on the neck, nose and ears.

It also helps stimulate circulation and increase body temperature, which will also result in a better functioning of the immune system.

Another benefit is that it helps lead to the disappearance of the cold symptoms (chills, muscle aches, cold sensations at the extremities) much faster. In the advanced stages of cold, cinnamon should be consumed with honey, as an immune and antiseptic stimulant, but also for calming fever or coughing.

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Cinnamon and Diabetes

Has three main benefits:

  1. Lowers the level of blood sugar directly.
  2. Stimulates and regulates insulin secretion of the pancreas.
  3. Increases the body’s receptivity to insulin.

Several clinical studies have highlighted the effectiveness of this plant on diabetes, with a dose of 3-6 grams of cinnamon powder per day lowering blood sugar by 18-29%. Interestingly, at the maximum dose of 6 grams per day, antidiabetic effects persist even 2-3 weeks after the treatment is completed.

In Asia, doctors recommend taking cinnamon in patients with type 1 diabetes to reduce insulin levels and prevent complications of this disease.

In patients with type 2 diabetes, cinnamon treatment helps reduce doses of medicines or insulin and also prevents the terrible complications of diabetes.

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Cinnamon and Rheumatism (Arthritis and Polyarthritis)

In a study from the University of Copenhagen, it was found that ingesting a spoonful of honey and a half teaspoon of cinnamon powder before breakfast, helped to greatly improve the symptoms of rheumatism.

Of the 200 patients treated there, more than two-thirds observed improvement, and 73 patients managed to completely get rid of their joint problems.

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Cinnamon and Increased Cholesterol

A study in India showed that a mixture of two tablespoons of honey and three teaspoons of cinnamon powder consumed throughout the day helps regulate cholesterol and triglyceride levels. The treatment lasts for at least 3 months and reduces total cholesterol by 20% on average, while bad cholesterol (LDL) drops by nearly 25%.

Cinnamon and Cancer

Several active principles of Indian cinnamon have shown strong anti-tumor effects. In laboratory studies conducted in the United States, it has simply been shown that the active substances in this plant attack mutant cells by blocking their proliferation, while normal cells are not affected at all.

Administered systematically as a powder, cinnamon prevents certain forms of cancer, such as gastric and intestinal, but also malignant lymphoma and leukemia. People who are predisposed to these types of cancer, and are possibly at risk of relapse, should eat a spoonful of honey mixed with a teaspoon of cinnamon powder a day, for one month, followed by a break of one month and so on.

Also, honey and cinnamon treatment is recommended for cancer patients, along with prescription therapy, to increase the effect of anti-cancer therapies.

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Were you aware of these incredible therapeutic uses of cinnamon?

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To your health!

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