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Christmas is coming!


Only 48 hours until the magic of Christmas will warm our hearts.

Aren’t you excited about the presents? I am! What kind of gifts have you prepared for your loved ones this year? Who knows, maybe you can give me some tips for future reference. Also, did you send out Christmas Cards? I received a very “unique” Christmas Card from a friend in Sweden, Mayer. This is the front of the card:


On the back he wrote: When deep down you really enjoy Christmas but your face tells a different story. I chuckled so hard that my wife heard me from the other room and came to see what almost made me fall off the chair. She started laughing as well and we both decided we should call Mayer. We ended talking for almost an hour.

After hanging up the phone, I realized how little is necessary to change a person’s day. How just a simple act can transform a person’s attitude.

That’s why I decided to write to you as well, I know that the days before Christmas people feel the most pressure.

The last preparations are made, the invitations are sent, etc. But in all this chaos don’t forget to brighten the day of someone you love.

  • Instead of screaming at your partner for forgetting to buy something or clean the attic, tell them how much you appreciate them for being in your life.
  • Call that friend or family member that you’ve been thinking of for some time and have a nice conversation.

This is what Christmas is all about – togetherness and cherishing the ones around us.

This is why I wrote to you today, to tell you how much I value your presence in my life. Thank you for coming on a journey of healing with me. Let’s become healthier and stronger together, in a community of people that want to change for the better and become the best versions of themselves. I cannot do this alone and I need you to come with me all the steps of the way.

Moreover, I know we will be successful together.

To your health!

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