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Five Christmas Gift Ideas – The Best Healing and Curative Presents

The Christmas rush is real, and for all of you who have no idea what to surprise your loved ones, worry no more. I got you covered.

“Biggest wealth is health.”

Although you can’t give someone health and strength, you can be a healing presence. That’s why, if you want to improve someone’s life, the best way to do it is by gifting them presents that will boost their wellness.

Top 5 Curative Christmas Present Ideas

1st Christmas Present Idea: An Exotic, Expensive Spice

Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world, holding incredible curative properties that anyone can enjoy. So, if you wish to amaze someone, give them this spice along with a small note containing all of its health properties and how it can be consumed. You can find all the info in the links below:

Saffron – Seven Natural Remedies and Health Properties

The Spice that Can Help You Shed Away 3 Pounds in 5 Days

Where to Buy

Make sure you visit a health store and inquire about saffron. They most likely hold this precious spice since saffron is a health wonder.

Sometimes you can find saffron spice at Walmart, but I cannot vouch for its quality.

2nd Christmas Present Idea: Lavender Homemade Products

This plant’s curative and soothing effects have been studied for decades. Our forefathers used it for centuries and, most likely, their ancestors also reaped its benefits.

All in all, a basket filled with natural, homemade products like hardened soaps, salt with lavender and creams are always a treat. You can also add a few sachets with lavender. These can be put anywhere in the house and will release a smell that sooths and relaxes people.

If you can’t make them yourself, or simply don’t have time, you can find these at health stores and online websites.

To find out more about its healing properties and write a note with its benefits, take a look at the information in the link below:

Lavender – The Miraculous Herb With Curative Health Effects

3rd Christmas Present Idea: Healing Natural Electuary

Anti-viral and health boosting dried herbs mixed with pure honey = electuary.

You can make this healing mixture at home or try to find it in store. Although I recommend you take your time with this and prepare it yourself.

The electuary is an all-year-round gift, a natural medicine that boosts your body’s natural ability of fighting off diseases, viruses, and bacteria.

Not to mention that it can be put in your morning tea or taken as it is. For kids, you can make lozenges so that it is easier for them to consume.

To see its benefits, click on the link below:

Electuary – A Simple Herbal Remedy To Shake Off The Flu

4th Christmas Present Idea: Homemade Skin Care Products

This is a perfect grooming gift that anyone of any age can enjoy and benefit from. And preparing them is quite easy, simply find some mason jars, add a bow and a tiny ticket to it and say what the mixture is for.

My wife prepares her own skin products and around Christmas always gifts some to her close friends. From creams, to soaps, to deodorants, she can make it all.

And now, so can you by clicking on the link below and finding out how to make them:

Natural Skin Care: A Healthier Alternative To Toxic, Commercial Products

Also, this makes an especially thoughtful gift since it does not contain any damaging chemicals that ruin your hormonal balance, make you more susceptible to diseases and put you more at risk of developing cancer.

Here’s how -> Popular Beauty and Cleaning Products that Ruin Your Health

5th Christmas Present Idea: Essential Oils

Aromatherapy has so many practical and effective uses that it shouldn’t miss from a well thought out gift.

Not to mention that scientific research has proved that aromatherapy has many healing properties that people should use to enhance their health and wellness.

Check out some of its properties here -> Aromatherapy – Do Essential Oils Have Healing Properties?

To help you pick out the best essential oils for your loved ones, just click on the following link -> 5 Essential Oils Starter Kit for Beginners

What are your thoughts on these presents?

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To your health!

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