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Can Carrots Really Protect Your Skin From Sun Damage?

Carrots can Protect from sun

Carrots – the new natural sunscreen?

There’s been quite some hype lately about carrot oil being the new alternative for sunscreen.

The Internet is filled with so-called “natural sunscreens” DIYs and the all-star ingredient is carrot oilCould this be true? Does carrot oil protect the skin from sun damage?

The Scientific Truth

Carrot oil manufacturers mention on their labels that their products have protective factors between 25 and 50. But reality is that although there are a few plants that can provide some sort of protection against UV light, the carrot is not one of them.

Moreover, no natural substance owns this role 100%.

The studies conducted so far with organic extracts and oils showed that they don’t have the property of creating a protective film on the skin.

Whereas sunscreen lotions are designed to do so, providing protection against the damaging effects of sunlight.

Bottom Line

Carrots do not protect you from the UV rays.

So, if you want an effective sunscreen, stick to commercial products. They are the best available option at the moment.

Don’t forget to apply it on your skin on sunny days. This way you significantly reduce the risk of sunburn, premature aging, and skin cancer.

If you prefer a natural approach, you can opt for formulas that contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. These are active ingredients that have the role in blocking the light rather than absorbing the UV rays.

What About Fruits & Veggies?

There is no doubt that fresh fruits and vegetables offer us the necessary vitamins and minerals for a beautiful and healthy skin.

Not only that, but foods rich in antioxidants can help improve your body’s own defense system.

Make sure you include in your diet superfoods rich in antioxidants such as Vitamin C in citrus, genistein in soy, and lycopene. Natural oils are also known for their healing properties.

At the end of the day, you should nourish your skin with coconut oil or other natural oils. Thus, you will enjoy a healthier, more hydrated and youthful skin.

What do you do for a healthy skin?

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