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Carrots – Health Benefits and Natural Remedies that Eliminate Diseases

Carrot is often one of the root vegetables that aren’t given much credit for helping improve your health. But that’s about to change.

Did you know that there are hundreds of varieties of carrots all around the world?

– the yellow carrot – which is very rich in xanthophyll and lutein, two pigments that prevent macular degeneration, atherosclerosis and lung cancer.

– the red carrot (most commonly used in China and India) – contains a pigment called lycopene, which prevents and counteracts gastritis and gastric ulcer, and also prostate and ovarian cancer.

– the purple carrot is cultivated in some regions of Turkey and Iraq, being rich in anthocyanins pigments (active compounds that improve night vision, combat joint inflammation and prevent thrombosis of all kinds).

– the white carrot is found in eastern Afghanistan, in Pakistan and Iran, and has this color because it is pigment-free; however it is rich in dietary fiber that detoxifies the body, improves intestinal transit, regulates body weight & prevents colon cancer.

– the black carrot (in fact, has a very dark purple color) contains, as well as the purple carrot, anthocyanic pigments which, among other things, lower LDL cholesterol, and prevent its oxidation on the arteries, slow down degenerative processes, and protect against various forms of cancerous diseases.

Now, let’s see how you can use carrots to improve your health.

First of all, you should know that the best therapeutic effects are obtained by eating fresh carrots (and not those which are preserved by freezing or heat-treated, which lose many of their healing qualities)

After two weeks of freezing, the carrot loses about 50% of its vitamins; through boiling, the carrot losses 50-70% of its content of vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B1 and B3.

Natural Remedies with Carrots

Stimulate Lactation

Eat mashed carrots (or boiled carrots) to help stimulate the secretion of lactation, to prevent avitaminosis and mineral deficiencies. Externally, apply compresses with carrot juice on your breasts to help sooth inflammation and prevent nipple fissures, which are very common during pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Improve Poor Night Vision 

Consuming vitamin A and sun exposure (which helps synthesize a nocturnal-stimulating substance in the body) help combat this disorder. Drink half a cup (100 ml) of carrot juice twice a day over the course of two-weeks.

Treat Oral and Laryngeal Cancer 

Gargle with with fresh carrot juice, twice a day.

Prevent Cancer 

Drink 100 ml of carrot juice, once in the morning and once in the evening, in four-week courses, followed by one to two weeks of rest. You can also consume 50-75 grams of carrots/ day, for at least three times a week.

Carrot juice is very rich in anti-tumor substances, with beneficial effects in skin cancer, esophagus and larynx cancer, colorectal cancer, gastric, prostate or bladder cancer. The substances inside the carrots slow down the proliferation of malignant cells, and prevent metastasis to a great extent, with experimental medicine studies showing that under their action, the tumors can enter remission.

Consuming raw carrots intensifies detoxification processes and maintains normal intestinal transit, an element of greatest importance in cancer, where elimination is often impaired.

Boost Immunity 

Especially during the change of season, when the body’s natural defenses against infections are extremely challenged, carrot juice is highly recommended. Vitamins A and C, the B complex vitamins, as well as the carrot pigments stimulate the body into producing immune-function cells, activate the existing ones, and in addition stimulate the production of antibodies. Consume 200-300 ml daily for a period of four weeks. This cure also produced positive results for HIV infected people.

Destroy Fungal Infections 

A carrot juice diet can be an excellent aid in treating candidiasis or Aspergillus infections. Drink 300 ml of carrot juice daily for two weeks. The therapeutic effect of carrot is explained by the presence in its root of natural pesticides (like the falcarinol) which have an antifungal effect.

Treat Gingivitis 

Chew very well (for at least three minutes) half a carrot after each meal. The raw carrot contains substances with oral antiseptic (especially antifungals), soothing and anti-inflammatory effects.

Were you aware that the carrot is such a great ally of your health?

Have you ever used it as a natural remedy so far?

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To your health!

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