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10 Remedies with Caraway that You Must Use Right Away

The caraway is a plant that seems specially designed to help us at the beginning of the spring, since it successfully treats gastritis, allergies, increased cholesterol, bronchitis, and even springtime asthenia.

The first evidence that suggests the use of caraway for medical purposes came from the Egyptian scholars who described it in their papyruses. During Roman Emperor Julius Caesar’s reign, the caraway lived its moments of “glory”, since it was introduced into the diet of the soldiers, to protect them from infectious diseases, exhaustion and digestive diseases.

In the Netherlands, the steam emanating from the caraway boil is inhaled to relieve blocked sinuses and heal those with bronchitis. In France it is now also added in various types of fermented cheeses to ease digestion.

Ways You Can Use Caraway


Put the caraway seeds into a coffee grinder until they become a fine powder, which you’ll store (for maximum 7 days) in a hermetically sealed jar in the refrigerator. It is usually taken in half a teaspoon, 4 times a day.

Mixed infusion

Place 2 teaspoons of caraway seed powder in a glass of water and allow to soak for 6-8 hours at room temperature, then filter. Set aside the obtained liquid extract. And boil the remaining plant (powder) after filtration in another glass of water, then allow to cool. Finally, combine the two extracts, and consume the resulting preparation over a day.


In a jar put 10 tablespoons of seed powder, and on top of it add 1.6 oz. of 50-degree food alcohol, while stirring continuously. When the entire powder mass has been covered, seal the jar and leave its contents to soak for 12 days. Afterwards, filter the liquid through a gauze, and add 10 drops of volatile caraway oil, shake well, and put the extract into small, dark bottles.

Take a teaspoon 4 times a day, the treatment should last up to 1-3 months.

Caraway Natural Remedies

Treat Muscle Spasms

Consume half a glass of the mixed caraway infusion, three times a day. To amplify the antispasmodic effect, add in each combined infusion dose, two drops of kernel oil. Studies in the United States have shown that volatile substances in the caraway inhibit the effect of several enzymes that cause muscle contraction. Thus, this treatment is valid not only in the spasms of volunteer muscles (such as those of the arms, legs, eyelids, etc.), but also those that cannot be controlled. This means that the antispasmodic treatment has proven effective against hiccups, spasmodic coughing, and even against asthma.

Treatment for High Cholesterol and Triglyceride Levels

In a 2005 study conducted by a mixed team of researchers in Morocco and France, it is shown that administering 1-1.5 liters of the combined infusion of caraway per day, in cures lasting for four weeks, significantly lowers the percentage of negative cholesterol (LDL) and blood triglycerides. The same study shows that the combined infusion of caraway protects diabetic patients against cardiac and vascular complications. Another effect of the caraway treatment is a slight decrease in blood glucose.

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Postmenopausal Syndrome Adjuvant

Consume three teaspoons of the freshly ground caraway powder per day, in 30-day courses followed by another 30 days of rest, after which you can resume treatment. The caraway is a mild estrogenic remedy, ideal for women who have been menopausal for more than two years and are experiencing symptoms such as osteoporosis, hirsutism, asthenia, or depression.

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Nausea Remedy

Make a combined infusion of caraway and mint (mixed in equal proportions), from which you drink, preferably unsweetened, ½ liter to 1 liter throughout the day, before the main meals. It has an antiemetic effect (eliminates the feeling of nausea), acting locally, at the level of taste and olfactory terminations in the digestive tract, as well as in the central nervous system. It is also a good treatment against anorexia.

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Remedy for Halitosis (bad breath)

Chew the caraway seeds after meals and in between meals. They have a pleasant smell and, more than that, they improve digestion, thus eliminating the deep causes that produce halitosis.

Cancer Prevention Treatment

Several studies in Japan, India and China show that the caraway administration prevents normal cell mutations to cancer cells and is a reliable protector against cancer that affects the stomach, intestines, liver, or pancreas. Include the caraway in your diet, and twice a year follow four weeks of treatment, during which you’ll administer one teaspoon of seed powder four times a day.

Psychic Asthenia, Mental Exhaustion Remedy

Take 4 teaspoons of caraway tincture daily, for 30 days. The volatile oil contained in the caraway seeds has nerve tonic effects, and favors cerebral circulation. The same treatment is also recommended to treat depression.

Asthma, Allergic Asthma, Chronic Bronchitis Remedy

Consume a mix of the combined infusion and the caraway volatile oil. In addition to its antispasmodic effect, the caraway also has an expectorant effect (helps eliminate excess secretions from the airways), anti-inflammatory and antibiotic. Also, volatile caramel oil is antihistaminic, helping to calm down allergic reactions of the respiratory system.

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Colon Cancer Remedy

An experimental study published in March 2006 shows that a 15-week treatment with caraway powder inhibits the growth of tumors in the large intestine. Interestingly, the anti-tumor effect of caraway has been propelled by adding peanut oil and peanut oil, which is indicated for those who suffer from tumors of the digestive tract. It is recommended to administer 7 grams of caraway seeds powder per day (exact dose is 0.06 grams per kilogram body) in treatments lasting four-month, followed by two months of break.

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Skin Cancer Treatment

Caraway, ingested as a powder and applied as an oil for external use to cancerous skin formations, inhibits the growth of malignant tumors and, moreover, triggers their remission process. So if you have skin cancer, then make sure you follow a four-month treatment plan during which you’ll ingest 7 grams of caraway per day, while at the same time applying caraway oil on the affected areas.

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