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Calcium Bentonite Clay – The Ancient Natural Therapy that Shocked Scientists

Ever wondered what roman worriers used in order to treat and prevent digestive issues as well as help wounds heal faster?

All this while on the road to conquer the world?

Here are some clues: they wore it in small sachets (this substance is so potent you don’t need a lot of it to experience its full effect) and it was in powder form.

I’m talking about calcium bentonite clay. This type of clay is one of the oldest detoxifying substances in the world. It was used by ancient civilizations to treat:

  • Headaches
  • Digestive issues
  • IBS
  • Leaky gut
  • Wounds
  • Skin rashes

Clay was like an all-in-one cure. So, how come you haven’t heard of it?

There are many things the government doesn’t want us to know and many hidden therapies and natural treatments have been buried in detriment of our health. But now, with the help of the internet, many of these ancient healing therapies have begun resurfacing and you are one of the lucky few who will get to enjoy their health benefits.

One of these “secret therapies” I will reveal to you today.

Calcium Bentonite Clay Health Benefits

The scientific community is now gradually starting to praise this incredible compound for its vast array of beneficial properties:

Absorbs Toxic Substances from Your Body

This property is extremely useful to us today since we live our everyday life exposed to toxic chemicals like: lead, air pollution, pesticides, etc.

Therefore, using clay is one scientifically proven way to eliminate these toxic compounds from your system and enjoy a healthier body.

Also, there’s something we all do, before we realize how toxic it is for us -> Are your plastic food storage containers toxic for your health?

Improves Skin Health and Appearance

Many high end skin care products contain clay in its composition. And that’s no wonder since it can do marvels for your skin. Besides cleaning it of impurities that can cause zits and blackheads, it also helps the skin get essential nutrients that improves collagen production – meaning that your skin becomes more elastic and youthful.

It has also been shown that sunscreens containing bentonite clay is more effective than the regular ones.

If you want chemical-free products for your beauty routine, you should try these -> Natural Skin Care: A Healthier Alternative To Toxic, Commercial Products

But, let’s not get sidetracked. If you’re wondering how you can actually all these health benefits, here is how you can do it:

The Universal Clay Treatment

To enjoy its myriad of health properties and improve your general health, you only need to do a simple mix of clay powder and cold (preferably purified) water.

Here’s what you need to do: mix 1 teaspoon of clay powder (which you can find at Walmart or any health shop) in a glass of cold water. Mix it with a wooden spoon (not metal), if you don’t have one, then mix it with your finger and drink it.

Do this every morning after you wake up or before eating breakfast for two weeks in a row. Then take a break for a week and continue the process.

It doesn’t have any have side effects and can only make you a bit sick if you consume it in large amounts. But if you follow my instructions, then you should be fine.

Anti-Aging and Beautifying Face Treatment

My wife swears by this skin treatment and I must say, it feels like she is looking younger day by day.

Besides using a lot of coconut and jojoba oil to moisturize her face and weekly scrubs, she also applies a weekly clay mask.

You can try the same scrubs that my wife is using by clicking on this link -> Easy, Natural and Inexpensive Scrubs for A Glowing Skin

So, how does she uses calcium bentonite clay for her face?

She mixes clay with purified water and slowly spreads it all over her face. Then she lavishly sits on the bed and listens to some relaxing music while I read my books and after 10 minutes of “zen mode” she washes it off with water.

And that’s all!

Now, have you used bentonite clay before?

Were you aware that it is so healthy for your body?

I’d love to read your opinions on this natural remedy. So, don’t be shy and type it down in the comment section below.

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To your health!


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