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7 Natural & Simple Bruising Remedies that Work like a Charm

Here’s what you can do to accelerate the healing of your bruises:

Immediately After It Happens

Just apply a cold compress, an ice pack or anything that comes from your freezer on the affected portion of your skin. This will help reduce the swelling and minimize the damage.

And if it’s just too cold for your skin, just wrap it up in a cloth. This will help you better tolerate the cold temperature of the ice pack.

If you can, keep it on for up to a half hour and then take a break for up to 15 minutes.

If You’ve Had That Nasty Bruise for A While Now, Don’t Worry

Something as simple as massaging the area in a circular motion will help the bruise heal faster.

Vitamin C

And if you want to get even faster results and see the bruise disappearing within a couple of days, you can try using vitamin C.

This vitamin helps your body synthesize collagen, which you need to maintain healthy blood vessels. Without that help, blood vessels can break easily, causing wounds and bruises.

The recommended daily dose of vitamin C that adults should consume is 90 mg for men and 75 mg for women.

Here’s an easy way that will tell you how many fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C you should be consuming:

  • 150 grams of strawberries contain 85 milligrams of vitamin C
  • a medium-sized orange contains 70 milligrams of vitamin C
  • 150 grams of red pepper gives you 95 milligrams of vitamin C
  • 100 grams of broccoli give you 51 milligrams of vitamin C

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Vitamin K

Considering that vitamin K is the one that helps keep blood clotting, you can hurt and bruise easily if you do not have enough of it in your body.

The daily amount of vitamin K needed by adults is 120 micrograms for men and 90 micrograms for women.

And green leafy vegetables are the best sources of vitamin K:

  • 70 grams of roasted salad contains 547 micrograms of vitamin K
  • 150 grams of broccoli cut and heat-treated contain 220 micrograms of vitamin K

Parsley Leaves

Crush a few parsley leaves and use them to cover your bruises with them. Parsley is truly great since it helps you in the healing process and will cause these purple-black bruises to disappear within a day. Hold the parsley over the bruise with a bandage.


A mustard poultice applied directly to the bruise will “collect” the blood from the affected area and minimize the size of the bruise.

Combine two parts of mustard with one part of honey and another part of chopped onion, apply this combination on bruise, and bandage.

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Melt some cubes of chocolate and apply them over the bruise. Leave the wound uncovered as much as you can and bandage at night. In the morning, you should wake up without the unsightly bruise.

So what do you think about these remedies? Have you ever used any of them?

If you have any other surprising remedies that helped heal your bruises fast, then I’m excited to hear all about them.

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