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Bruising Causes – Ever Wondered What Health Conditions Might Trigger Them?

I’ve had many patients asking me why is it that they bruise so easily.

I’m in my 60s now, and that’s something that’s never bothered me before. When I was in my 20s, for instance, someone could just grab my arm and not leave a mark on it. But now, things have changed.

And that’s just something that comes along with aging. In fact, I’ve had many patients in their 70s who came to see me, extremely worried about this problem.

But you see, as you grow older, your skin gets thinner. And you lose that layer of fat that acts like a buffer and shields you against bumps.  Plus, your blood vessels also get more sensitive.

So bruising or ecchymosis as it’s commonly known in the medical world, takes place when one of these two factors are met and cause your blood vessels to tear and bleed underneath your skin.

But if you don’t find yourself in this age category, you should know that there are other possible reasons that may cause you to bruise easily.

Could Your Headaches or Heart Problems Cause You to Bruise Easily?

You may be surprised to hear this, but If you find yourself taking too much aspirin, or any other meds used to prevent heart problems or strokes, then you should know that these meds can reduce your body’s ability to coagulate.

So as long as…

  • your blood vessels are fragile enough to bleed after any small bump or someone grabbing your hand
  • and your body is not able to form blood clots and stop the bleeding within the skin, then you’re prone to developing countless bruises.

So what can you do?

Try taking less aspirin or other painkillers and minimize the consumption of blood thinners, since they make bruising all the more easier.

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The Hidden Enemy in Your Topical Skin Rash and Eczema Creams

If you’re using topical steroids to treat a rash or any other skin problems, chances are that those steroids are thinning out your skin.

Oh, and you should know that if you’re suffering from asthma or allergies then this also increases the risk of easy bruising by a mile long.

Believe me, I know just how nasty these can get and how embarrassed you may be to show off your bruised skin. This can turn quite a few heads.

So, walking around with a few bruises in visible places is definitely no fun.

Fortunately, there are many natural remedies available to get rid of them.

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