Brisk Walking: Scientists Advise Using This Trick For Maintaining Health

The world is changing and so are our habits.

Many things change rapidly from one generation to the next.

Our parents had other activities and the things our grandparents used to do are even more alienating to us.

Because of this rapid change, not only our perspective about life changes but so do our habits and activities.

Some are positive, like our inclination towards healthy eating and recognizing its importance for a longer life.

While others can prove to be deadly, such as inactivity.

Data clearly states that obesity is higher among:

  • middle age adults age 40-59 years (40.2%)
  • older adults age 60 and over (37.0%) 

This disease is not only common, but also very serious and costly.

Moreover, 80% of American adults do not meet the physical activity recommendations for aerobic activity and muscle strengthening.

Roughly 45% of adults are not sufficiently active to achieve health benefits.

$117 billion in healthcare costs are associated with an inadequate physical activity.

Last year, Arkansas had the highest reported percentage of inactivity among adults at 32.5%.

It is recommended that people do 150 minutes of activity a week, but nearly:

  • half of those aged 40 to 60 fail to achieve that.
  • one in five does less than 30 minutes.

You might not believe this, but science has proven that this simple action can help you get rid of the symptoms of:

How can you gradually say goodbye to them?

A 10-minute brisk walk.

Of course, this seems like an insignificant amount, but it will be enough to start making a difference.

Just 10 minutes a day could have a major impact, reducing the risk of early death by 15%, they say.

How to correctly brisk walk?

  • Brisk walking is not a simple stroll, it’s an actual workout.
  • It requires you to move at least 3 mph. And trust me, you will feel your heart going.
  • While you are brisk walking, you will experience growing warmth and maybe sweat but you should still be able to talk with someone you might be walking with. However, you should not be able to sing.

The rules:

  1. Stand up straight.
  2. Bend your elbows at a 90 degrees’ angle.
  3. Relax your shoulders.
  4. Look straight ahead.
  5. Walk heel to toe.
  6. Move your arms forward and back as you walk.
  7. Relax your hands instead of clenching your fists.

Extra tip: Try walking on soft surfaces because you use more energy doing so.

If you want a more visual explanation, then you should watch the following video:

So, get brisk walking!

It’s an amazing workout because you can do it anywhere, even at home! 

Do as much as you can daily and I guarantee you will see incredible results!

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As always, your health is in your hands! Choose wisely!

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