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Blood Type AB – Health Risks Associated with the World’s Rarest Blood Type

If you have type AB blood then congratulations!

You are incredibly unique because this blood type is found in less than 5% of the population.

This is one of the reason I mentioned the word “alien”, because it is so rare.

Also, this blood type is one of the “newest” blood types. It appeared approximately 12 centuries ago. In comparison to type O blood, which is the oldest blood type.

Nevertheless, the type AB blood type resulted from the intermingling of Type A and Type B blood types. In other words, if you have this blood type, then you get to enjoy the fusion of these two blood types.

However, you are also more at risk of becoming a victim of:

  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke

You’re also more sensitive to stress.

If you have type AB blood coursing through your veins, then your body has the tendency to overproduce adrenaline under stressful situations (just like Type O). And you also resemble type B, as in when you go through a traumatic emotional state, you also suffer the physical consequences of these strong emotions.

However, the greatest danger lies in hiding and internalizes these emotions. But thankfully, the best way to deal with these feelings is by naturally reducing stress with exercise.

I recommend aerobic exercises like running or biking three times a week and yoga or tai chi two times a week.

These will help you keep your emotions stable and help you tackle stressful situations better.

Last but not least, we cannot neglect the importance of nutrition. 

Blood Type AB – The Safest Diet for a Bulletproof Health

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