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Is Memory Loss a Sign of an Autoimmune Disease?

The story I want to share with you today is meant to help you stop sabotaging yourself.

Yes, you read that right – you do this, and more often than you realize.

This is how it happens: most times we face a minor health issue we want to find its cause so that we can alleviate it quickly.

The downside is that we don’t always manage to figure out the entire puzzle, but prefer to associate the symptoms to the lesser evil.

For instance, we’d hurry linking lack of concentration to poor sleeping habits. And once we find a logical explanation, we stop the searching there.

While in many cases this is all there is – poor sleeping habits leading to memory loss, fatigue and focus problems – sometimes it’s more than that.

These symptoms can as well hide an autoimmune disease or brain malfunctioning, which require a little more effort to face.

I don’t want you to become overly preoccupied with any minor issue, but I strongly advise you to pay attention to other hints, too.

Consider your overall state of well being, and connect all the symptoms you have had in the last couple of weeks, as this can help you prevent more serious health problems.

Autoimmune Diseases

Most people get to control them and keep the marks within normal limits, while other people have managed to completely erase any tracks from their system. But, if you want to have a better hold on the problem, you must identify it first.

Misdiagnosed and Overlooked Signs of an Autoimmune Disease

Poor Sleeping Habits

Waking up multiple times during the night, feeling even more tired in the morning, and hardly hearing when the alarm goes off can signal an underlying autoimmune problem.

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I’m not talking about the common feeling of tiredness that occurs from time to time, but about one that never goes away, no matter how good you eat or how much sleep you’re getting.

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Memory Loss

If you fail to remember recent events or details even if you had no problem recalling them before, check for any other signs listed here.

The heart complications that accompany this type of disease affects the blood flow that reaches the brain, slowing down your mental performances.

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Digestive Issues

This symptom is present in 75% of the cases, and it can vary from constipation, to diarrhea, and even irritable bowel syndrome.

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autoimmuneIf you’re always hungry, regardless of how much or how frequent you eat, there clearly is an unseen problem that must be addressed as soon as possible.

Connect all the signs you get, and face the truth – is there a need for a more detailed medical investigation or not?

If so, then do it. If not, manage the symptoms as you normally would.

You’re the one who knows what’s best for yourself!

To your health!

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