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Aloe Vera – Heal Your Body Internally and Externally With This Ancient Plant

Aloe Vera is one of the most known healing herbs of all times. Mentioned in the Bible, in the Egyptian papyruses or on the clay Sumerian tablets, this cure has been around for more than 4 millennia.

Thankfully, recent scientific research has showed that Aloe Vera should indeed be praised. 

Internal Uses of Aloe Vera

Strengthens Your Immunity Response

Research conducted in a South Korean hospital proved that the bitter substances in Aloe Vera improve your immunity overall. To be more precise, when administered internally, this plant helps increase the production of immune cells.

And makes them all the more active. So, to skyrocket your immunity to almost superhuman levels, take 4-6 capsules of Aloe Vera, two hours after the main meals. Make sure you do this for up to 4-6 weeks.

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Facilitates Bowel Movements

Take 1-2 capsules, three times/day, on an empty stomach.

The healing action of the plant is surprisingly ample, being able to help more than 70% of patients suffering from constipation.

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Diabetes Vanisher

5 substances contained by the Aloe Vera plant – called phytosterols – have powerful effects against diabetes.

Japanese researchers, led by Dr. M. Tanaka proved that just 50ml of Aloe Vera gel taken daily helps drop and even stabilizes high glycemic levels.

Another study – done in Indian hospitals, back in 2008 showed that taking just two capsules of Aloe Vera of 500mg each/day stop the evolution of type II diabetes.

That is huge, if you ask me.

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TreatsHeart-Burn & Hyperacid Gastritis

Since Ancient times, the Aloe Vera gel – when drank on an empty stomach – proved to be extremely helpful to patients suffering from heartburn.

If that’s something that you’ve also been struggling with, then take 2-3 tablespoons/3 times per day to reduce heartburn and control your symptoms of gastritis.

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Lung cancer, watch out!

Ever since 1989, scientists at the Medical Institute in Okinawa, Japan reported the discovery of 3 components in Aloe Vera, holding strong anti-tumor effects.

But there’s more: they left everyone speechless when they let the world know that Aloe Vera helps prevent, slow down, and even stop altogether the evolution of lung tumors.

Take 50ml of Aloe Vera gel each day (or 2-3 Aloe Vera capsules/day).

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The same Japanese study also highlighted that a specific compound in Aloe Vera – called mannose – has highly beneficial effects in patients suffering from leukemia.

Keep alternate diets with Aloe Vera capsules and gel. To be more precise, for two weeks consume 100ml of Aloe Vera gel, then for the next two weeks take 2-4 capsules of Aloe Vera/day.

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The sugars in Aloe Vera help proliferate the Bifidobacterium in the colon (which are the good types of bacteria) – which inhibit candida from multiplying and wreaking havoc to your digestive ecosystem. It’s one the best ways to keep the infection under control.

So what do you need to do if you have candidiasis?

Well, take 50-100ml of Aloe Vera gel for one week, then during the next one, take 1200-1800mg of crystallized Aloe Vera.

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External Uses of Aloe Vera


Apply Aloe Vera gel on the skin areas affected by psoriasis. The gel has anti-inflammatory properties, and it helps reduce the intensity of painful itches.

That’s actually one of the reasons why it’s considered to be one of the few potent remedies to help heal this condition.

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The efficiency of very few of the modern-day treatments can actually be compared with the full-blown efficiency of Aloe Vera.

Which heals burns beautifully and fast, without actually leaving any scars behind. Unfortunately, you can’t say the same thing about conventional treatments.

So, for the more “light”, first and second degree burns use Aloe Vera as a first-aid treatment. Cut a leaf of Aloe Vera and apply it on the damaged area.

To help heal more critical burns, before applying the Aloe Vera gel on the affected area, first disinfect it with arnica tincture (which you can find online or in natural stores; I believe you can also find that at Walmart).

Keep following this two-step remedy until the inflammation subsides completely.

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Back in 1980, a doctor working at the Trauma and Burn unit in Chicago proved that the preparations with crystallized Aloe Vera gel are 6 times more effective against frostbite and third degree burns than anything else.

If you suffer from frostbite, apply the crystallized gel 2-3 times per day, in a thick layer, until you experience a full and complete recovery.


Again, applying the Aloe Vera in a thick layer is the key to getting rid of herpetic issues. Make sure you do it 3-6 times per day. At the same time, it’s also best to take 3-4 Aloe Vera capsules a day, given their strong antiviral property.

This simple treatment prevents the superinfection, reduces pain and itching and considerably accelerates the recovery time. By the way, you can also use the same treatment to get rid of Zoster Zone.

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Hair Loss Treatment

Recent studies proved that the crystallized Aloe Vera gel applied at the root of the hair stops hair loss. And it does so by inhibiting the dihydrotestosterone hormone that weakens the root of your hair and makes it easier to fall.

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Words of Caution

Pregnant women should not consume Aloe Vera since it can stimulate uterine contractions. Also, breastfeeding moms and kids up to 3 years old shouldn’t use this plant.

The crystallized Aloe Vera extract is contraindicated in cases of acute gastritis and gastric ulcer, as well as for patients suffering from fermentation colitis, chronic diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, and ileum. 

So as you can see, you can start using Aloe Vera for just about anything. Because it will do you a world of good. That’s for sure.

What are your thoughts on the topic?

Are you going to try out the treatments with Aloe Vera?

Have you already treated diseases with Aloe Vera?

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To your health!

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