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Warning! Doing this can make you 6 times more likely to be aggressive on holidays

Drunken uncle jokes are pretty prevalent this time of the year on SNL and rightfully so. Who hasn’t experienced a family feud right in the middle of the Christmas or Easter dinner?

Of course it’s embarrassing to talk about it, but often than not, the real cause of these ludicrous fights is something hiding in plain sight. And I found this a few years back when I started to notice a pattern…

Before finding the real cause why my family members quarrel on family dinners, I always assumed the fights are started by:

  • Misunderstandings
  • Frustrations
  • Etc.

And right because of this I used to be very stressed whenever I had to visit my family. I was always nervous and anticipating a fight. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family but dealing with people can sometimes prove to be challenging, even if you are blood related.

So, going back to my story, a few years ago I began noticing a few patterns among some of my family members. The ones who were usually chill and smiley were mostly drinking wine or beer. Whereas the ones who would always want to pick a fight were drinking vodka or some other hard liquor.

At the beginning I thought that was just a coincidence but I dug a little further and found global statistics about alcohol and the effects it holds on people.

It turns out that different types of alcohol affect people in different ways.

Not only that but men and women’s bodies react differently to alcohol and the most noticeable difference is the level of aggressiveness.

Hard liquors trigger aggressive behavior in people, especially menThis is because alcohol numbs senses, literally suppressing the rational parts of your brain. It makes you oblivious to the consequences of your actions. In the study, heavy drinkers reported having negative emotions more frequently.

Also, drinking hard liquor makes you six times more likely to feel aggressive, tired or tearful. Not only that, but drinking too much, even in rare occasions, can ruin the quality of your sleep and induce insomnia. Maybe this happened to you too. You go out for some drinks. Then you come back and try to get some sleep. But you keep tossing and turning all night or sleep like a rock; and in the morning, you wake up tired. This makes a whole lot of sense considering that your body reacts to whatever you give it.

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So, if you ever wondered why on holidays you feel more emotional than usual, it’s because of the alcohol..

Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t sip a glass or two of wine or beer. But avoid as much as you can drinking whiskey or vodka. People are usually more on the edge around the holidays anyway and drinking alcohol is the final drop that spills the cup.

Trust me, I used to bring all the liquor and serve my dear guests until I realized what mistake I was making. Now the situation is completely under control. I only bring wine and beer at gatherings and always refuse hard liquors.

But remember this, even if you get rid of the bad alcohol, there will still be people who over drink and try to make a scene. For this scenario I can recommend you to calculate the amount of drinks you have in the house so that every guest gets maximum three glasses. In this way you can at least make sure no one will over drink and ruin a pleasant evening.

Have you experienced issues with alcohol at your family gatherings as well?

What did you do in those situations?

To your health!

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