About Us

Nature-driven, scientifically-proven ways of achieving peak health

Healthy Day Today was founded on the principle that medicine is meant to heal the mind and body, in a holistic, natural way. In this day and age, our food lacks many essential nutrients, thus forbidding our bodies from operating at peak performance. This explains why many of us are not as vigorous or as healthy as we should be. Our current lifestyle is making it more difficult than ever to find that ideal combination of having a balanced diet, getting enough exercise and most importantly, managing stress.

We were all told that exercise and a proper diet can help us live a longer, healthier life. It’s no secret that a balanced, active lifestyle can create longevity. However, healthy foods that provide quality vitamins and nutrients are not only pricey nowadays, but also increasingly hard to find. On top of that, we all have busy schedules and most of us simply can’t afford to make that fantastic sacrifice that our bodies demand.

Your body is your temple.
Treat it with respect and you will enjoy life to the fullest.

Our vision at HealthyDayToday is that life should be more than just about surviving, more than constantly thinking about health issues while wasting time and money on doctors prescriptions or worse, laying sick in bed or in a retirement home.

We believe that your best years should be spent with the family, taking time for yourself and your hobbies. We believe that you deserve to enjoy a sunny afternoon outdoors whenever you desire, without experiencing any pain or fatigue. We believe everyone deserves to wake up in the morning, completely energized, without having to drink coffee or other energy drinks, and do a 5 miles jog, just like we all used to do in high school.

Our mission at Healthy Day Today is to radically improve your quality of life through a better mind and body connection, because our belief is that just treating disease symptoms is a never ending treadmill. The change must come from within and this is why be have been obsessed with finding a holistic approach to medicine.

The Man Behind It All

Dr. Ishiguro has been a firm believer in the power of nature ever since he was a child. He has read dozens of traditional Japanese medicine books even before going to medical school and receiving his diploma at the prestigious Tokyo Medical University. He then continued his research in the US as an assistant and practitioner before opening his own clinic where he has helped thousand of people achieve optimal health through proven Japanese medical techniques and knowledge. He fled Japan after the 2nd world war. Having seen the devastation brought by the atomic bomb, being marked by the countless victims of radiation poisoning, he made a most solemn oath that he will do everything in his power to heal people’s minds, and bodies, and restore their youth using a holistic and naturopathic approach.

We are not a flagship brand. Just like the ancient Japanese, we believe that the purpose of medicine is to heal, not to make money, as modern western medicine does. We do not focus on marketing and heavy advertising, instead we closely listen to our patients’ needs. We use scientifically proven methods and wisdom from The Country of The Rising Sun to treat ailments and make our customers happy. With clear guidance from Dr. Ishiguro, we make sure every pill you take will give you exactly the treatment you need.

We went the extra mile in order to include in our products 100% natural, GMO-Free, gluten-free, heavy metals free, pure-grade extracts, made from scientifically-proven combinations of ingredients. Whether you seek to lose weight, gain energy or mental clarity, nature provides a solution for you. At HealthyDayToday, we’ve made it our mission to offer you the latest and most reliable natural solutions, at affordable prices.

The purpose of medicine is to heal people, not to make money, thus, our Fundamental Principles are:

  • Nature is our friend - We only use pure ingredients with no added chemicals or GMOs
  • Always be Earth Friendly - All our bottles and boxes are made from recycled materials
  • Science based approach - We ground our research on clinical trials and designing large scale studies
  • Accountability - We take pains to ensure our supplements adhere to the GMP standards
  • Health through education - All of Ishiguro's experience at your fingertips neatly packed into our easy to read articles

100% Satisfaction guaranteed

We have the utmost confidence in our products and methods, and to prove it, we offer you this unique 30 days money back guarantee. We know that individual bodies can react differently to the very same compounds. So, in the unlikely event that you’re not 100% satisfied with our products, we will return all your money, hassle-free, no questions asked. All you have to do is send us the empty bottle. For us it is important that you, as our customer, are fully protected.